Alexander School

Cassie Oakes


Basketball season schedules will be distributed shortly.  The 2017 game schedule will be distributed by the end of January.  It is a general reminder that students participating in athletics must have an up-to-date physical, with a copy given to the school office before the beginning of the season.

Volunteers are needed during basketball season to help staff the front door, concession stand, and time clock for home games.  If you are interested, please contact Brenda McDonough in the office during school hours at 454-2623.  AES depends on volunteers to provide a full and rewarding athletic experience for all students.  The teachers and staff would like to thank all volunteers ahead of time for their time and commitment.

Here is a reminder for all parents/guardians.  The school messenger system and live and will be utilized during cancellations, delays, and emergencies.  If you still have not signed up for text alerts, or have not given permission for voice calls and would like these services, please contact the school.

On Friday, January 20th there will be an early release day.  Students will have lunch and be dismissed at 11:15 after.  There will be no after school activities this day.

As a reminder, don’t forget to dress for outside recess and bring inside footwear for inside the building and sneakers for gym.

AES still saves Box Tops for Education, empty ink cartridges, old cell phones ipads and tablets for recycling.  You may drop them off at AES during school hours or at Randy’s Variety.

The students in Mrs. Hill’s 2nd and 3rd grade classroom are looking for shoe boxes for upcoming projects.

Don’t forget to come to school dressed for outside On Tuesday and Thursday morning grades 4-8 popped in to get new books for their upcoming book reports. Many students took advantage of the library for study hall.  Others opted for some drawing time and a few chose to make some snowflakes that now adorn the bulletin board outside their classroom.  On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Hill’s 2nd and 3rd grades came to the library to get books, there was some excitement in with the 3rd graders as they were just assigned their first book report of the year.  While in the library, they heard the story, “Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur”, by Robin Pulver.  They did a lot of discussion about the characters in the book and did an activity after about the characters.  This was also a great book to show that if you don’t read the end of the book, you won’t know how the story ends.  The story had quite a surprise ending for the class.  The Mrs. Toggle books have been a big hit and the library is looking for other books in the series and by this author.  On Wednesday, the pre-k class came in the morning to get new books.  They talked about the differences between fiction and non-fiction which led to a lot of non-fiction borrowed from the library this week.  They also heard the story, “The Biggest Snowman Ever” by Steve Kroll.  They did a story sequencing activity proving they didn’t need written words to tell a story.  Later in the afternoon the kindergarten came to the library.  One of their new favorite things to do is find books with multiple copies so that they can buddy read with a friend.   They worked on a sequencing activity showing a story always has a beginning, middle and ending and then each wrote an individual story about their paper.