The Calais Advertiser Article, January 17, 1917

Dr. Miner’s new hospital on Church Street was opened for the reception of patients last week, and there are now twelve undergoing treatment at the institution.  It will be known as the Calais Hospital, and is not a private hospital, as many supposed, but its many conveniences for the cure of patients will be available to any reputable physician, and no patient, Dr. Miner assures us, will be turned away on account of inability to pay charges.  

The hospital has accommodations for about thirty patients, and can be enlarged as needed.  The rooms are large, airy, nicely finished and furnished.  It is heated by two large furnaces, engaging comfort in the coldest weather.  So far rooms have been furnished by Judge and Mrs. George R. Gardner, the St. Croix Paper Co. through the general manager, Mr. Thompson Smith, and by Mrs. J Forbes Conant, as a memorial of her sister, Miss Helen Burrill MacNichol.  The room furnished by Mrs. Conant was the one occupied by Miss MacNichol when the family resided in the present hospital.  The hospital outfit is very complete, with the exception of an X Ray.  There is one here, but it in no wise is to the doctor’s liking and he is in hopes some generous minded man may provide the institution with one more in keeping with the rest of the hospital appliances.  There is a complete laboratory outfit, a Barnastead sterilizing plant that cost over $1,000 and other necessary appliances.  The total cost so far is in the vicinity of $12,000 and further expenditure will be necessary before it is brought up to the standard laid down by the owner.

The matron is Miss Sarah Hunter, who comes highly recommended from the Bureau of Nurses, Boston; Miss Lila Roach is in charge of the culinary department and there are four nurses and an orderly.