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Dave McCullough


The 14th annual Memory Tree is Grand Lake Stream at the home of Linda Curtis. The Memorial Service was held on Saturday December 11, 2016. (Submitted by Dave McCullough).

The 14th annual “Memory Tree” event was held on Saturday December 11th at the home of Linda Curtis on Water Street. More than 40 people were in attendance. Pastor Raymond Morse led the opening prayer and young folks lead the salute to the American Flag. The memory tree is in honor of those affiliated with or residents of Grand Lake Stream. A veteran’s wreath is always placed on the tree as well as mementoes of those who have passed during 2016.  Delicious food was served which included seafood chowder, beef stew, chili and a variety of appetizers and desserts. A special thanks to Linda for holding this event especially as her husband Damon was one of the names remembered.

Here is a great Christmas gift offered by the DIF&W. Hope see many them around Grand Lake Stream this winter and summer!! This season, give a gift that keeps on giving to Maine’s Wildlife.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s newest poster features Maine’s 51 endangered and threatened fish and wildlife, and proceeds from the sale go directly to help these species.

The poster was beautifully created by Maine wildlife biologist, artist and writer Mark McCollough. Mark was able to deftly position all the species within the background of the state, and place them in the general areas where they are found. You’ll see puffin feet dabbling in cold Downeast waters, a short-eared owl cruising across the rooftop of Maine, and a northern long-eared bat hibernating in a mine in the mountains of western Maine. The back of the poster features an identification key and background information about each species.

Perhaps the best part of purchasing the poster is that all proceeds from the sale of the poster and related merchandise goes entirely to Maine’s Endangered and Non-game Wildlife Fund, which directly helps endangered and threatened species in Maine.

You can purchase a package deal that includes the poster, a wonderful 15-ounce ceramic mug and a 4.5” by 7.5” magnet for just $20.00 at or IFW headquarters in Augusta.  All proceeds help endangered and threatened species recovery in Maine..

The poster, along with the mug and magnet make a wonderful gift so don’t miss out and get yours today at

PORCUPINES ARE NOT HEDGEHOGS  from the Hermit:  In 1979 Mike Farrar of Ripley, Maine made medical history when he shot a porcupine that shot him back.  The animal was nestled 30 feet up in a hemlock.  Farrar thought he had swallowed a twig but a day later went for medical help because of some throat pain.  The surgeon removed a quill from his infected esophagus. Contrary to popular belief the spiney rodents don’t throw quills.  Their lethal defense weapon is their tail.  These 30,000 quills per critter are neither hooked nor barbed.  Mini harpoons, they can penetrate 2 inches in a day’s time.  The victim’s body heat and muscle contraction draw the quills deeper.  Dogs never seem to learn to avoid these “Denny Dim Wits” of the forest.  Porkies are basically peaceful and sluggish, spending most of their time sitting in hemlocks and white pines feeding and sleeping.  Debarked tree tops and piles of oval droppings at the base of trees indicate their presence.  They have 2 natural enemies which are fishers and bobcats.  Both immune to quills, they flip their prey over on their backs and attack the quill-less belly.  Like many of your readers I removed quills from my dogs when I should have taken them to a vet.  Aside from causing the dog more pain, one missed quill could result in death.  Finally, the porches of my camp are covered with porcupine gashes.  They are capable of causing havoc to wood structures.  Only 2 mammals are on my “hit list”:  red squirrels and porcupines.

“Thought for today:  If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you can’t” by Henry Ford.

PCWCA, Penobscot Country Wildlife Conservation Association has announced their 2017-2017 Coyote Contest! Here are the details: 

 “Prizes will be awarded for, EVERY COYOTE, plus the Biggest Male, Biggest Female, and a random drawing .Each contestant gets one chance in the random drawing and each coyote entered is another chance in the drawing. $200 biggest Male,$200 Biggest Female, $200 Random Drawing. The remainder of the MONIES raised will then be divided into the TOTAL COYOTES REGISTERED into the contest. EVERY contestant who registers a coyote will then be paid for each coyote registered. (EX: Total Purse $3600, 100 coyotes entered, $600 paid to prize winners $3000 divided by 100 total coyotes each contestant is the paid $30 for each coyote registered) 

Enter at: Smith’s General Store, Springfield 738-2171 

Partridge Meadow Firearms, Waite 796-2777 

Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle, Medway 746-8181 

Pine Tree Store, GLS 796-5027 

Whitney’s Outfitters, Lincoln 403-8000

Further questions contact Arron at 738-2171”

Your Humble Correspondent, Dave McCullough 207-839-4205 or