Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley & Cassie Oakes


Do you know the name Natty Lamb?  If you’re from Alexander you should know where the Lamb Orchard and cellar are located.  This story comes from deeds that Foster Carlow shared in February 2016, from memories shared by Pliney Frost ca 1990 and from the book Larry Gorman, The Man who made the Songs by Sandy Ives published in 1977.

Nathaniel Lamb was born in 1803 in Cornish, Maine. His wife Almira (Carle) was born in 1812 also in York County.  Was Nathaniel related to Samuel Bracket Lamb who arrived in Alexander about the same time?

Larry Gorman was born on PEI in 1846 and died at Brewer in 1917.  Larry followed woods work from the island to the Miramichi River of New Brunswick, to the Saint Croix, then to The Union River (Ellsworth) and, married at last, went to the Eastern Manufacturing Corporation in Brewer.  Larry wasn’t much of a worker, but was known for his songs he wrote and sang.  His songs poked fun at anyone or anything that displeased him.  The brunt of his satire was usually a boss.

Sometime in the 1870s Larry passed through Milltown where his path crossed with Natty Lamb.  Here are a few words from the song” Tomah Stream”.

Come all you Milltown Rowdies that drink and have no fear,

I’ll have you not to touch a drop in the fall of the year,

For if you do, you’ll surely rue-likewise myself I’ve seen,

Be careful, do not hire to work on Tomah Stream.

For the last fall that ever was, I was drunk and on a spree,

I swore that I would hire, and the very first sight I’d see,

The first it was old Natty Lamb, and up to him I steered,

I hired to work on Tomah and to drive six little steers.

He said the chance for lumbering was the best I ever did see,

The spruce they stand up on a ridge, as thick as thick can be,

The provisions I’ll provide for you, and of the very best kind,

The cook will dish’er up for you, and make yer meals on time.

The remainder of song is on page 107 of Ives’ book.  The promises in verse 3 were not fulfilled and Gorham has great fun poking fun at Lamb.


The Lamb Orchard with cellar is near the north edge of lot 76.  Natty’s sons Albert and Seth lived there as adults and Seth’s son Nathaniel was born there on June 3, 1860.