Town News


Sally Doten




Hi, from downtown Baring, Maine. I wish I could say there were lots of exciting things happening but as far as I know it’s very quiet in the neighborhood. I do know it’s a lot cooler today than it has been. Winter will be here before we know it. Are you getting excited for the first snow fall?

Sending out get well wishes to Gary Howland, Sr.  I just learned that he has been a patient at Eastern Maine Medical Center and is now living with his son, Gary, in Alexander. Hope to hear you’re feeling better soon.

Jacob Hornbrook is playing fall basketball in Hampden every weekend until basketball season starts in mid November. Also, traveling to Hermon each week for the girls is Kaylie Doten, Emily and Katie Erskine. “Fall Ball” keeps the players up on their skills and gives them a good start to the high school season. I think all of Washington County loves basketball and enjoy watching teams play for the winter months.

I got some tasty fresh eggs last week from my “around the corner” neighbor. Sonny Townes is in the egg business for sure. He has inherited Billy Gibson’s hens. As most of you know, Billy is in Delaware for surgery scheduled at the end of this month. Billy was looking for a place for the chicks to reside and Sonny has provided a good home for them.

H&H Disposal has moved the business to the main road. Peter Howland is now occupying the space where Downeast Disposal did business. This gives Peter more room for all the dumpsters and trucks. 

It is expected that the town meeting I’ve been talking about will take place the first week in November.  I spoke with Mark Hornbrook and he’s hoping that all parties involved will be available by that time.

Thinking of you Issie Gibson, Ed Cassidy, Ann Brackett, Rita Stewart, Joanne Wheelock, Jay Marden and all those feeling a little under the weather.

Well, my friends, this is all for the week. Please stay well and warm. Fuel bills will be rolling in soon.