Town News

Sally Doten


The International Festival has come and gone. Class reunions, family reunions, and visitors from far away all come home this week. I never got a chance to see much of it because of other commitments, but I hear good reports from those that attended. Congratulations to the organizers who volunteered so much time to make it successful.

Even Baring had strangers and friends in town. Rick and Judy Keen from Maryland and their son Richard from Florida are staying with Donnie and Shari Doten. Judy is the sister of Dennis, Donnie, and Jim. While here Rick’s sisters, Winnie Demmons and Ginny Burke held a 59th anniversary party at the Methodist Homes recreation hall. Many family members and friends attended the celebration. A good time was had by all.

Visiting with Doug and Mary McLellan were a “whole load of family.” Here from Okinawa were David and Shannon Doten along with daughters Kyndra and Madison. David is stationed with the Marines and the family hasn’t been here for over 5 years. They stayed at the McLellan camp of Pokey Lake. Also sharing the family fun were Steve and Laurie Green from Casco. They decided to leave daughter Abbey here for a few extra days to enjoy the family festivities and festival.  Doug and Mary didn’t stay home all the time to entertain; they attended their 50th class reunion held at the St. Croix Country Club.

Calais Memorial High School Class of 1960 held a very mini reunion Sunday evening at the Wickachee. Those classmates present were: Sally Clark Cran, Gary Nixon, Irene Doten Gallway, Dayton Dineen, Wayne Claridge, Carole Flood Smith, Earl Hill, Janet Clark Moulton, and yours truly. It’s great to see familiar faces and remember the fun we always had together. The best part is we haven’t aged a bit.

I was sorry to learn of the passing of Marjorie Cook. Marjorie is the grandmother of my two grandchildren, Jamie and Dale Wunder. Her funeral will be held on Thursday at the funeral home. My sympathy goes out to the family.

Happy birthday wishes to:  Bruce Pierce, Bud Barnard, and Sandra Wentworth.

Thinking of you: Patty Gagner, Issie Gibson, George Taylor, Edmund Cassidy, Lynn Howard, and all who might be a little under the weather.

Well, this winds it up for this week. Good thing there was a festival or I wouldn’t have anything to write about. I really have to dig hard to find excitement in Baring. I suppose I could go out and do something foolish or impressive but really not up to that anymore. We will just keep things quite here.  BUT if you do have something to share and don’t mind the fact that it goes to press, remember to call or email me. Hey, I’m making 30 cents a column inch here, I need all the help I can get. My total income for this year might possibly reach $100. Good thing I enjoy writing!

Stay well; stay safe.