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Sharon Frost


July 1945 - Trinity test of first atomic bomb

July 19th - Full Buck Moon. St. Smithin’s day, if ye do rain for forty days, it will remain also a good time to plant because it is particularly wet, according to folklore.

I see Issie Gibson was out for lunch with her son Mark of Bangor last week. So nice to see her back home from rehab.

I’ve been keeping up on the 36 unit senior’s housing development in St. Andrews. There will be two bedroom apartments as well as 3 bedroom and very spacious balconies.

Robbie Smith is home from Nottingham, NH visiting parents Jack and Sally and all the Smith clan.

A celebration for Rev. Sara Gavit, Rector of St. Anne’s on Sunday morning. There was a presentation by the junior choir. They did a wonderful job. The Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Michael Ambler, gave the Service of Renewal of Baptismal Vows. We had Kathy Francis as the organist. She is fantastic. Visitors were Sara’s daughter and and husband and 9 week old son, Sara’s brother and family and several Rectors attending. A fabulous lunch was served following the service.

Friday night a public supper at St. Anne’s put on by the choir at 5:30 pm.

July is National Hot Dog Month and the 20th is National Ice Cream Day.

The Down East Boys are coming to the Second Baptist Church on Thursday, July 21st for a concert at 6:30 pm.

Cut the Cake: Sheila Hill, Fran Mulcahy, Kristi Saunders, Carl Gordon, Louise Lowe, Candace Robichaud, Beth Sammer, Brooke Smith, Leo Seelye, Theresa Brown, Rejean Roussel, Sarah Irving and Jean Stevens. Amanda DelMonico, Derek Howard, Ben Morrison, Prue Maxwell, Rochelle Waycott, David Sivret, Krista Clark.

Meddybemps 175th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, July 23rd. There will be breakfast. Supper, parade, vendors and much more.

What a surprise phone call I received on Sunday evening from Deanne Jackson in Bangor.We had a lovely chat. I will visit her on my next trip to Bangor.

Pat Yardley’s daughter Lynn from North Carolina, is at her summer residence in Princeton and also Sister Judy was visiting from Moncton.


The city crew did a wonderful job on the much needed cross walks. It is looking great on one of our hottest days. I wanted to buy them ice cream but it wouldn’t have lasted in the heat.