Kathy Mekelburg


April weather summary: April was the first cool month since last October. The monthly mean temperature of 40.8 degrees was half a degree below normal. Maximum temperature of 72 degrees occurred on the 21st and 22nd, while the minimum of 13 degrees occurred on the 4th. There were two days with minimums 32 degrees or below, the first such April event since 2003! There were 21 days with minimums of 12 degrees or below. The last ice day (maximum 32 or below) occurred on April 5th, tying the latest date for such an event. There were four consecutive record minimums set (27th - 30th), the most since January 2014. There were 720 heating degree days or 14 above normal. Total since July stands at 6564 or 682 below normal.

April was the driest since 2010, only 3 per cent of the month’s precipitation fell during the second half of the month. Very high fire danger was the rule during this period. Relative humidity fell to 18 percent on the afternoon of the 21st, the lowest reached since May 8, 2007 (almost nine years ago). Total precipitation came to 3.05 inches or 1.22 inches below normal. Total since January stands at 17.64 inches or .37 inches below normal. Most in precipitation a day was .92 inches on the 12th. There were nine days with measurable precipitation. Total snowfall was 0.8 inches or 4.6 inches below normal. Total for the season is 80.1 inches or 16.8 inches below normal. This compares with 196.6 inches as year ago.  Most in a day was 0.6 inches on the 7th. Maximum depth was an inch on the 7th. This compares with a peak depth of 37 inches last April.

Highest barometer was 30.59 inches on the 16th, while the lowest was 29.22 inches on the 3rd. Mean relative humidity was 68.8 percent. Prevailing winds were west. Peak gust was 53 miles per hour from the south on the 8th. Combined with heavy rains, this resulted in severe tree damage with some large trees toppled. This was the worst tree damage since the tropical storm of July 5, 2014. There were 11 clear days, 9 partly cloudy days, and 10 cloudy days. This was a very sunny April; sky cover averaged 54 percent. This beat the old April record of 58 percent set in 2008. A thunderstorm occurred on the 1st.

On the 29th, the temperature fell to 22 degrees. This is the coldest seen here so late in the season. However, historically, April 29, 1947 was as bit colder. On that date, the temperature fell to 15 degrees in Woodland, 10 degrees in Houlton, and to zero at Fort Kent, the latest date for a zero reading anywhere in the New England states.

Mike McConnell is in the hospital and needs  your prayers.

May birthdays are Vikki Clark, Christopher DiLeo, Randy Fullerton, Robin Bouchard, Jacqueline Mingo, John Owen, David Halloway, Mike Clark, Kristina Garland, Mikala Myers, Bryce Dwelly, Evan Mingo, Maryellen Morrell, Andrea Moore, Jim Lucas, Howie Duvall and Shannon Garland.

Happy anniversary to Mike and Shelly Bodkin on May 1st.


Ron and Colin Windhorst, pastors of the Sewall Congregational Church noted that they were celebrating their 24th anniversary of being pastors in Robbinston. As you might know the church was idle for several years and the raccoons moved in and made a hotel within the church. They caused a lot of damage and left a trail of destruction. The church has been repaired but the windows still need work.