Saturday's Coffee House is One Not to Miss

By Jayna Smith


Connor Sherrard, son of Krista Vining and Joey Means of Charlotte, and Chris and Renee Sherrard of Calais.  (Submitted photo).

While many adolescents nowadays do not always seem to have the work ethic of the older generation, one young man is proving he certainly does.  A quick look at his biography shows just how intelligent, motivated, and responsible he is, and he has got a great event slated for this weekend.

Connor Sherrard, of Charlotte, is an eleventh grader at Washington Academy.  In addition to holding a job at the Pembroke Irving, Connor excels in his schooling.  In June, he will represent his school at Dirigo Boys State held at Thomas College.   This program focuses on providing Maine high school juniors the opportunity to participate in a program that supplements their high school courses in government and its functions.  Those taking part learn to campaign for local, county and state offices and then organize and carry out the functions of the state government.  

If that honor was not enough, Connor has been chosen to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Engineering and Technology.  This eight-day experience will be held at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering--one of the top five engineering schools in the United States--in Boston from July 30th through August 6th.  

While there, Connor and the other students will explore the ever-evolving fields of designs, 3-D modeling, game and web development, robotics and the many disciplines of engineering.  They will be challenged to put their applied knowledge to the test by taking part in workshops and simulations, as well as strengthen the time management, information analysis, public speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that are necessary in the practical world, all surely great preparation for Connor's professional dream of becoming a biomedical engineer to design and build robotic prosthetics.

This educational experience is an important one to Connor.  "It is very important to me because it will help me further myself in the technological advances of biomedical engineering," he said.  "It will not only help my chances of being accepted to MIT and other colleges that offer my degree, but further my education in the knowledge of this field."

This incredible experience, of course, comes with a hefty price tag.  The cost for Connor to attend is $3,000, but like any responsible citizen, he is working diligently to raise the necessary funds himself.  

This Saturday, April 2nd, Connor has planned a great evening for everyone in the community and surrounding towns.  All are invited to attend "Connor's Coffee House and Chinese Raffle" at the Charlotte Fire Station.  The raffle begins at 3:00, with the musical entertainment starting at 6:00 until 9:00, and people will not want to miss the line up of talent!

Musicians such as Kris Paprocki, David Wilder, Devon Wilder and Ashleigh Morang, Released and Unleashed, Shead High School Band, Keltic Schmeltic, and Bobby Sawyer and his band New Start, are among the acts scheduled to perform.  Delicious desserts will also be served.  The requested donation for a great evening, while supporting a hardworking young man, is just $10 per person, $15 for a couple, or $20 for a whole family.


Connor said, "I am very grateful for everyone who has offered to and has already helped.  I am very glad for the small community that we live in.  It is a great thing when everyone can help someone out, out of the kindness of their hearts."