Town News

Sally Doten


Good morning, friends and neighbors! How is your week going? Hope you are all happy and healthy.

I have been making regular visits to Calais Regional Hospital to visit with my fellow “writer” Dottie Johnson. As I have told you before she has been hospitalized for an extensive length of time. How does one keep up their spirits being away from home for such a long time? Our Miss Johnson is a feisty lady and keeps smiles on all faces that go to visit. As a previous school counselor, she has had an excellent chance to assist the CNA personnel from the St. Croix Regional Vocational Center. All the nursing students are gaining a great insight on the future. I think the entire staff at CRH will miss Dottie when she finally is discharged. She keeps them on their days a little brighter. And, if you ask her, she will give you her version of all the nursery rhymes we learned as kids.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Richard Farrar. Dickie lost his battle against pneumonia this past week. Graveside services will be held at the Calais Cemetery on Thursday, March 24, at 2 pm.

I have lost track of the kids playing sports here in town. I am aware of the names but not their field of expertise. So with that being said, here they are: Emily and Katie Erskine; Kayli, Emily, and Alexis Doten; Connor Cook; Jacob Hornbrook; and Matt Perkins. Spring sports are being practiced.  Good luck to you all. Now, parents, if I have missed your child, please call me. 

Billy Gibson (the one from Milltown) underwent colon surgery in Plant City, Florida last week. Because of Billy’s heart condition, this was a dangerous operation. He came through the surgery but will be patient there for some time. Get well soon, Billy, from the Second Baptist Church and all your friends in this area and in Florida.

Get well wishes and positive thoughts for those going through medical testing: Ann Brackett, Carole Smith, Jim Doten, Sonny Townes, and  Rita Stewart. Hopefully you’re all feeling better.

Well, this snowy Monday morning has put a crimp in the wearing of sandals.  Darn, I wanted to hide those sneakers for the rest of the spring and summer. Either I am going to stay in the house until the snow melts or the shoes will be coming out of the closet AGAIN. I want my toes exposed!

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