Pie in the Face Event

By Danielle Smith

Students from Woodland Elementary School were anxiously awaiting their brief reprieve from their seemingly endless classroom existence during the days leading to vacation week.  Without the annually celebrated Winter Carnival activities, that week would seem almost torturous to not only an elementary student but to the patient people charged with the education of these students. 

This year’s activities included one special highlight:  the Pie in the Face event. Students were asked to bring in pennies to be placed in a jar for their favorite teacher or the principal. The staff member who had the most pennies in his or her jar meant that that person would be the winner of a big ol' pie in the face. 

As the Woodland Elementary School students do with any task, each went above and beyond, raising over $500 for the school’s playground. The coveted Pie in the Face Champion went to Woodland Elementary School Principal Ms. Jane Smith.  Close behind receiving second place honors was Mrs. Morrison.  Mrs. Howland followed in third place. 


Regardless of rank, the end result was the same, and each winner wound up wiping whipped topping!  "I'd like to send special thanks to Darcy Gillespie, Trina Nielson, Tina Siering and Ronna Coleman for organizing the events this week," Principal Ms. Smith said.  She also thanked the students for making her the Pie in the Face Champion.