Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Last week’s snow storm and following snow showers created a sparkling panorama that surrounds us.  Evergreens are covered in pillows of snow; and zero degree temperatures have frozen the landscape into free form snow sculptures.  Winter is beautiful in our part of Maine when it looks like this.

Our long lane stays open and is safe to travel thanks to Terry Reynolds, Danny Wallace and my Barry, who are out after every storm with their tractors, front end loaders and plows.  It is a relief to know we will probably never be snowed in until spring.  Delivery drivers often remark that it is great to have well cared for lanes and driveways to make their jobs easier in bad weather.  Kudos also go to our post office and delivery drivers who seem to get the mail here nomatter the conditions.  The Meddybemps road crew does a great job of snow removal and cindering and keeps our roads in quite safe conditions.  I can often tell when I reach the end of the town line on the way to Calais, simply by the road conditions.  The Meddybemps section of 191 is usually in good shape for safe travel early in the day.  

Meddybemps Selectman Meeting is Friday, February 19 at 5:30 pm, at Meddybemps Community Center.

Cheryl Zwingman Bagley has posted photos of her beautiful grand-daughter Angelica.  Cheryl is visiting with her daughter and son-in-law in Chicago to help with the new baby.  Angelica has dark, thick hair and an adorable little face.  She melts hearts, and someday could possibly break a lot of them.

Patty Reynolds and a few friends attended a concert in Bangor.  I hear that Patty was lucky at the casino, and everyone had a good time there as well.   

With the freezing and sub-zero temperatures this week, the weather conditions and snowmobile clubs have kept the snowmobile trails in good condition.  By now, ice in most shallow parts of the lake should also be safe for travel.  However, we never know about the wide expanses in the center of Meddybemps Lake.  Extra caution is always required out on the ice.

Best wishes to our area teams that are competing in the basketball tournaments, and everyone enjoying the winter break.  


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