Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


November weather summary:  November had record warmth in the first half of the month, but much colder conditions late.  However, it was still the warmest November since 2011.  The monthly mean temperature of 39.3 degrees was 1.8 degrees above normal.  Maximum temperature was 61 degrees on the 6th, while the minimum of 13 degrees occurred on the 30th.  There were three days with maximum temperatures 32 degrees or below and 15 days with minimum temperatures 32 degrees or below.  There were 762 heating degree days or 55 below normal.  Total since July 1st is 1506 or 163 below normal (easy on heating bills).  

November was the first dry month since July, and was the 4th driest November in 22 years of record.  Total precipitation came to only 3.23 inches or 2.49 inches below normal.  November snowfall was very scanty, the lowest since 2009.  Total of 0.1 inches was 3.2 inches below normal and all occurred on the 28th.  Maximum snow depth of a trace occurred from the 28th to the 30th.

The highlight of the month was the record high barometer of 30.97 inches on the 26th!  This smashes the old station record of 30.87 inches set December 8, 2014 and the old November record of 30.79 inches set November 30, 2013!  Historically higher barometers have occurred only five times:  January 1920, February 1920, March 1943, December 1949, and February 1981 (this was the highest barometer in nearly 35 years).  Lowest barometer for the month was an average 29.30 inches on the 13th.  Mean relative humidity was 86.5 percent.  Prevailing winds were west with an average speed of 3.1 mph.  Peak gust was 35 mph on the 8th and 23rd.  There were four clear days, seven partly cloudy days, and 19 cloudy days.  Daytime sky cover averaged 77 percent.  Dense fog occurred on the 6th.

Autumn (September - November):  mean temperature 49.5 degrees (1.9 degrees above normal), precipitation 15.86” (.31 inches above normal), snowfall 0.1” (3.5 inches below normal).

Alexander Grange hosted Pomona on Tuesday night with a delicious chicken dinner.  After dinner, Helen Brooks opened the meeting.  Pomona Grange will recess until May 3rd.  Liz McVicar  gave a great lecturer program about Christmas and a quiz that was hard.  Liz then gave out presents that were given by each member.  Everyone was glad to see Nadine Stanhope who will be rejoining Robbinston Grange.

Robbinston Grange met at a downtown restaurant Friday to eat and watch the parade.  It was beautiful.  Robbinston Grange will resume meetings in April.  


On Saturday, the Robbinston Historical Society held their annual Christmas Tea.  The food was excellent and we played games and had a fun time.  Several people won gifts.  The society will not meet until March.