Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York

Last Tuesday, the After School Program, in partnership with Hand in Hand Migrant Program and the LAUNCH Program held a community event at the school. After School, and Hand in Hand had been working with students to make wreaths for the elders of the tribe; that’s 97 wreaths by the way. Not only were students learning the art of wreath making, with the math of measurement and symmetric shapes, they were also learning to do good deeds without any expectation of anything in return. We decided to include parents in the project and spread the good feelings of giving a little further. We invited parents to come with their child to have supper and make a wreath. When the event began, we had 26 wreaths made. In less than 3 hours, parents, staff and children made 71 wreaths! Ms. Tonya stayed late and served pizza, chips and cookies for supper. During the following 2 afternoons, the students had all the wreaths decorated. Younger children were busy making 97 cards to go with the wreaths. Now every elder will have a wreath and a card to make their holiday season a little brighter. The After School Program, Hand and Hand, and LAUNCH would like to express our deepest gratitude for all the parent/community support, and look forward to our next community collaboration.

Students in the After School Program are now in the spirit of the season, so we have decided to make dog toys and dog biscuits for the animal shelter. We don’t want our furry friends to go without a Christmas present, so that will be our next project.

We have a couple of upcoming events at the school, so mark your calendars! On December 21, the Bilingual Program will sponsor a Christmas Pageant, where the children in each grade have been learning a Christmas song in Passamaquoddy, and they will sing it for their parents and the elders. Meanwhile, on the same day, following the performance, the elders will have their annual Christmas dinner at the school, and receive a gift made for them by the students. Also, parents will be invited to dine with their children for a Christmas dinner that day in the cafeteria. Ms. Tonya, our cook and her staff will be super busy that day. We sure do appreciate all that Ms. Tonya does for us!

Last Sunday, at 4:00, the Indian Township Tribal Government held their second annual tree lighting ceremony. People were given the opportunity to dedicate an ornament to a loved one who was either here or passed on and hang it on the tree. The promised sleigh rides turned into horse and buggy rides, as the weather did not cooperate with snow. Santa was on hand to hear the wishes and dreams of the children, and cookies and hot chocolate were served. This new tradition brought forth lots of smiles, laughter, and memories made.


That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, take care of yourself and never stop learning.