St. Croix No. 1 Fire House Preparing for 11th Annual Community Christmas Party

By Christine Phillips


 St. Croix No. 1 Fire House Association member Charlie Towns (left) and President Dick Barnard (right).

St. Croix No. 1 Fire House Association members were hard at work this past Saturday for their annual “Hanging of the Greens”, decorating the fire house for the upcoming Christmas season.  The station is delightfully adorned with an abundance of Christmas trimmings including lights, wreaths, stockings, and a fully dressed tree. 

The Association’s 11th Annual Christmas Party will take place on December 12th and welcomes everyone in the community. The evening will include a potluck style dinner with turkey, ham, beans, casseroles, sweets, and more. There will also be live entertainment with folks singing Christmas carols along with some guitar and banjo playing. For the adults, numerous door prizes such as wreaths and tabletop arrangements will be given away throughout the evening. For the children, not only will there be prizes, but the association has also managed to arrange a special visit from Santa! The cost of admission is to simply bring a dish to share with others.

The association hosts this event each year as a thank you for the tremendous amount of community support they receive in their mission to restore and preserve such an amazing piece of history. Association President and retired fire lieutenant Dick Barnard expressed deep gratitude when he described all of the individuals, families, and businesses that have given to the project. “It says a lot about the community. We couldn’t do it without their backing”, he said. Barnard also gives big credit to the association members. “They never get discouraged or tired. They keep fighting.”  

The fighting pays off as many parts of the building have been redone or repaired, although there is still much work to be done. One project Barnard detailed were all 26 windows in the building that needed to be replaced. The association was able to get the windows done for a fraction of the cost, thanks to member Charlie Towns, who handcrafted each window himself. Each window is dedicated to supporters from past and present that have been instrumental in saving the fire house. 

There is also a very special piece of history on display in the station. After the attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001, former fire lieutenant Glenn Connolly sent a holiday wreath to a the Engine 16 Tower Ladder 7 fire house, who were one of the first departments to arrive on the scene on that tragic day in history. In return, the department sent a piece of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center, cut into the shape of a cross, to display in the St. Croix No. 1 Fire Museum. 

For more information or to follow association events and happenings, look for “St. Croix No. 1 Fire House” on facebook.   The fire house is located next to the Calais City Building on Church St. 


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