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Donna Meader-York

School is out for the summer, but where is summer? I am patiently waiting for the warm weather to arrive, and I bet the kids are too. Hopefully, the warm summer temperatures will be here by July 6 for the first day of summer camp.

Ckuwapon summer camp starts Monday July 6 and is open for 3 weeks until July 24. Indian Township kids that are going into 1st grade up to students going into 9 th grade are eligible. Every child was sent home from school with an application for camp. There are more available at the school in case yours was lost. Campers need to have the signed application on file in order to attend camp. Buses run a little differently than during the school year. The bus will not stop at each house, but will drive by slowly until they see children waiting outside. So, please have the kids waiting outside. Pick ups will begin at 7:15. Campers will leave the school at 2:00. You can see important news about summer camp on our Facebook page, Ckuwapon Summer Camp. We are also an open site for the Department of Education’s a Summer Food Service where lunch will be served at 11:30 for campers, 12:00 for anyone else.

Indian Township Middle School proudly presents its 3rd trimester Honor Roll!

Grade 8

Donald Soctomah

Kelsey Jervis

Grade 7

Alexis Polches

Paige Sockabasin

Emma Soctomah

Twyla Smiley

Grade 6

Aaliyah Dana

Tony Dana

Brooke Neptune

Nicole Nicholas

Also, achieving Honors for the entire school year:

Grade 8

Kelsey Jervis, Donald Soctomah

Grade 7

Emma Soctomah , Twyla Smiley

Grade 6

Aaliyah Dana, Brooke Neptune, Nicole Nicholas, Paige Sockabasin

Congratulations to all of these bright, hardworking, people! Their hard work has paid off.


That’s all the news for this week. Until next time, take care of yourself, and enjoy the summer.