Town News

Linda Baniszeski

The Bees Are Back!! ... not in an Alfred Hitchcock sense.  This is good news.  As everyone probably already knows, bee hives in fields are a sign that it’s time to pollenate blueberry plants.  It is also a sign that warm weather should now be here to stay.

Congratulations to Alyssa Shaw who graduates from Scarborough High School.  She will attend college in southern Maine this fall.  Alyssa is the granddaughter of Terry Reynolds, daughter of Jennifer Reynolds Doten, and great granddaughter of Jean Campbell. Patti and Rich Lentz’s grandson, Max Shyda also graduates from his Pennsylvania high school in June.  He will be attending Drexel University in Philadelphia this fall, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

The Lentz’s saw a mother duck swimming by their property with about a dozen tiny, fluffy baby ducklings.  We all hope momma duck can protect them from snapping turtles and other predators.  Eagles’ nests are also home to new hatchlings.  The pair at the Moosehorn Nesting area long Route 1 have been busy hunting and protecting their offspring.  There is most always the white head  of an eagle protruding from that nest.  We saw a lone hummingbird zooming through our yard.  None have come to our hummy feeder.  They are probably waiting for Barry to put out the potted flowers on the deck next weekend.  They seem to love brightly colored geraniums and impatiens.

Each year, I ask Barry for flowers in the deck planters for my birthday gift -- a beautiful gift that lasts all summer long and often into late October.  Cards and good wishes of friends and family from far and near warm my heart and made my birthday very enjoyable.  It brings tears to my eyes that so many remember.  Even Scuffy gave me a card.  It has a picture of a little white dog with a very dirty face.  Inside it says, “What Chocolate Cake?”  ... then of course, “Happy Birthday!” and “Love Scuffy.”  She has surprisingly good handwriting, since I suspect it’s rather hard to hold a pen in a paw.  Barry must have taught her well, since it looks just like his.  

The first Public Supper of the season at Meddybemps Community Center was a great success.  The organizers appreciate all who supported the event; and donated food and auction items.  All of us in the community should express our appreciation to Linda Gordon and other volunteers who organized the supper.  It was great to see that Ed and Maxine Arbo were able to be there, along with many other familiar faces.  It is always gratifying to see not only Maine licenses in the parking lot, but also those from far away states and Canada.  A sure sign that the season is officially off to a good start.

We launched our boat last Sunday, one of the nicest warm and sunny days of the season so far.  There were quite a few other boats coming in and out of the lake that day.  Scuffy seemed to be more excited about it than Barry and I.  As we brought the boat back to our place from its launch at the Town Dock, Scuffy leapt onto one seat after another.   It appeared as though she could just not decide which had the best views and breezes.  We had her tied in the boat with her little vest and leash for safety’s sake.  She’s a great swimmer, but “dog overboard” is not something we ever want to happen.

Jeff Brown and Jessica took a trip south last week.  They spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and went sightseeing while traveling to and from there, and around the state.  

It isn’t too early to start thinking about Father’s Day, which is Sunday, June 21.  It sometimes took me weeks of thought to figure out the perfect gifts for my late Father.  I am sure many of you understand when I say that loving remembrances of my Dad are always with me, and especially so on Father’s Day.  Please let me know of your special Father’s Day and family remembrances that I can share in an upcoming column.  


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