Town News

Cassie Oakes

Emma Kneeland’s grandson, Scott Pottle and his wife Corry, are on their way home to Alexander from Savannah, Georgia for a week’s visit.  Scott is the son of Emma’s daughter, Kim Pottle.

Kim’s son, Jesse Pottle is recovering from a bad car accident.  He has two compression fractures in his lower back.

Jessica McCook, from Alexander graduated on Friday, May 22nd from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  After 18 long weeks of training and hard work she is now a fully certified Police Officer for the great State of Maine.  Jessica will continue to work as a Patrol Officer for the Indian Township Police Department.

Jessica is also a blue pin, which means that she is a full certified officer.  Before Jessica was a green one, which is what they call a part time/reserve officer.  Jessica is looking forward to starting her career in Law Enforcement.  All of Jessica’s family, friends and former classmates are all very proud of all of her accomplishments!

Carlene Perkin’s band, the Juke Rockets Blues Band won the Maine Blues Society Road to Memphis Competition for the third time.  They will be going back to Memphis in January to compete and represent Maine in the International Competition with over 250 bands from around the world.  Congratulations and good luck to the band!

The Juke Rockets Blues Band singer, Carlene Perkins Thornton is the daughter of Carl Perkins from Alexander and Frances Perkins formerly of Calais and the daughter in law of Jolene Thornton the late Luther Thornton previously of Crawford. Hometown Proud! Congratulations to you all from your family and friends!!

Former AES students Darcy Newman recently graduated from USM with a Bachelor of Science Degree and her brother Zach Newman recently graduated from WCCC with an Associate of Science and Electrical Degree.  Darcy and Zach are the son and daughter of Mary Beth and the late Joe Newman and Karen and Jim Davis, of Alexander.  They are the grand children of Gert and Donny Newman, also of Alexander.  Friends and family gathered to congratulate the Graduates at the home of Karen and Jim Davis on Pleasant Lake. Congratulations on a great achievement and a job well done!

Grazyna and Hans Kirsch, of Alexander has had bees again and they would like everyone to know that if you see a swarm of bees hanging around your property, please call them at 207-217-4229, or 207-404-9327 and they will come and get them.  The bees do that.  They usually get attached to a tree limb and stay there for awhile.  The scouts are looking for more permanent quarters.

There are bees on the blueberry barrens and it’s a good idea to have your car windows closed when passing through if you don’t want a car full of bees.  You should also slow down so you don’t kill as many.  We all need to help the bees as much as we can.  Thanks to Grazyna Kirsch for insightful information.

There will be a Matt Linton Concert, taking place at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville on Friday, May 29th, beginning at 6:30 pm.  I was told that he is a fantastic vocalist. I have heard one of his CDs and agree.  So come, bring a friend and enjoy a great evening of entertainment.  

On Saturday, May 30th, People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville will be hosting a Spring Fling from 9-2. Lunch will be provided as well.  Feel free to come browse around, look for a new spring-time outfit, check out some of the attic treasures, eat some good food and meet a neighbor or make a new friend and enjoy each others company over a cup of tea.

AOS 9 had a Budget Meeting on May 13th that was open to all the towns involved.  All but Article 2 on the Budget passed which had to do with the System Administration.  Article 12 had to be tabled due to Article 2 didn’t pass.  So they will be back to the drawing board on those amounts.  More information will be available soon I am sure.

The Alexander Grange met on Wednesday, May 20th at the Grange Hall.  On the agenda of the evening was the discussion of an Old Fashion Grange Bean Supper.  After some discussion and planning it was approved and will take place at the Grange Hall on Saturday June 27th. Also on the agenda were the beginning discussions for Home Town Jubilee to take place on July 11th. Other things discussed were a cleaning day for the Grange several were planned the first being Saturday May 23rd where the beginning of work was done and trash taken out.  Just a reminder for all Grange Members, your 2015 dues are due now.  The Lecturer’s program was all about interest May History Trivia, everyone appreciates all the work Liz McVicar puts into the program.  At the end of the meeting folks enjoyed some refreshments and conversation.

The Alexander crowd, which included Linda Wallace, Joey Wallace, Dan Daley, Brenda, Shawna and Amanda McDonough, enjoyed some classic country music Sunday night, May 24th when they attended the Country Legends Tour, featuring Georgette Jones, Brian Mallery and Sammy Kershaw at the new Garcelon Civic Center, in St. Stephen. 

It is now time for the AES News straight from their Friday Announcements for May 22nd.

The BOGO Book Fair will be at AES from May 26th-June 3rd.  The fair will be open daily from 7:30-8:00 and 2:30-4:30.  If you need a special time, please call, or see Mrs. Hill at 454-2623.  This is a great time to buy books.

During the Book Fair this year, they have several things going on.  There will be a Poster Raffle.  Every student who visits the Book Fair gets their name in for a chance to win.  One poster will be given per person.  Another challenge is if they can raise $50.00 in donations, they can buy $100 worth of books for the library.  Send in your spare change!  There will be a bowl full of goldfish crackers.  You make a guess of how many crackers are in the bowl for $0.50 a guess.  The person who guesses the exact amount or is the closest will win the bowl full of crackers and any proceeds will go to buy books for the library.

The Science Fair will take place on June 2nd from 6:00-7:00.  The Book Fair will be open.

June 18th is the last student day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:15.

The 8th grade celebration will take place on Thursday, June 18th at 6:00.

I only attended the Beckett Center on Monday this week, because I came down with a bad ear infection and a headache.  I missed the Pot Luck Supper, followed by the Movie Heaven is for Real, which my mom told me that it was very good and about 23 people were in attendance and a delicious supper.

Good thoughts are being sent out to the following folks, Leo and Madeline Perkins, Lynn and George Hill, Rhoda Leavitt, Dennis Perkins, Carl and Vivian Perkins, Dennis Perkins, Mathew Sullivan, Mary Wallace, Michelle Gallant, John Harvey, Chris Landry and Mike Trafton and their caretakers.

A couple of people messaged me and wanted to send wishes for a speedy recovery to Bob Fitzsimmons and Linda Winchester and as soon as I heard I agreed. They were in an accident and we all wish and hope for a very speedy recovery for them.

Birthday wishes this upcoming week go out to Dana Niles II, Beckery Knowles, Ariel Myers, Mike Smith, Glenn Davis, April Knowles, Melissa Martin, Jordan Ayers, Ed Burgess, Kathy DeVine, Dale Holst, Shirley McCall, Rhonda Oakes, Ron Lyford and Christopher Manza.

Anniversary wishes this week go out to Ronnie and Tammy Davis.  I wish you both many more years of wedded bliss!

Lucky Loser this week at Randy’s Variety was Dawn McClure.

I want to thank everyone who has been donating money on line or dropping it off for me and the Relay for Life Alexander4-a-Cure Team.  I appreciate it very much, and you still have time to donate if you haven’t already. I am also collecting money for those who would like to have a Luminary lit for someone they love who has is fighting, won or lost the battle with Cancer.

If you have news for the column you can get them to me by email at, contact me on my facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (if I’m not home please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me and Dad will make sure I get them.  You can also leave news for me at AES.  Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694.  Until next time, stay safe.