Local Nature Camp Tries Cyber Funding

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By Amy Jeanroy

As many of you are aware, Greenland Point Center located in Princeton is situated on a 64-acre peninsula extending into Long Lake and rich with forest wildlife.  Much more than a place of beauty, GPC also promotes healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship by providing all children and adults with a natural setting and programs that teach outdoor skills, leadership, ethics, and alternatives to substance abuse. 

With over 600 Maine kids going through its camps each year, Greenland Point Center  GPC is the primary supplier of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Safety certification programs for children in the state of Maine.  GPC is also the top provider of certifications in hunter safety, boater safety, and ATV safety.

VP Board of Directors, Marcia Hayward says “It is a magical place where children experience first-hand the wonder of nature and in doing so, learn respect for their environment and each other.”

One of the joys of Greenland Point Center is also one of the problems. As Hayward shares, 

“Greenland Point is the best kept secret in Washington County, Maine and as such, sometimes struggles financially. We are a registered 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and are wholly supported by donation. 

“This year, GPC has decided to try something a little different. They have launched an online fundraising campaign at a popular site called GoFundMe. People interested in donating can donate funds directly, using a credit card or PayPal. It also makes it easy for someone to share the campaign with their friends and family, hopefully helping the final amount raised, as well as spreading the word about this wonderful organization.

The money is earmarked for facility updates and a contribution toward the salary of a full-time grant writer. Whatever the outcome, as Hayward says, it's a new endeavor for an organization that thrives on the natural world and the beauty of life when one unplugs. 

“We are trying "GOFUNDME"  as an “outside the box” idea for funding.  We hope to reach like-minded individuals who are willing to help us educate our youth through conservation education,” says Hayward. 

You can learn more about us by visiting our website:  www.greenlandpoint.com


Contributions may be made either by mail to:  Greenland Point Center, PO Box 333, Princeton, ME 04668, or by visiting our page at the following link: http://www.gofundme.com/sxvagc