Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley & Cassie Oakes

Did you know that a painting of an Alexander home appeared on the front cover of MEMORIES OF MAINE, summer 2014 edition?  Local artist John Foley painted the picture of Lewis Frost’s house as part of a series he did of historic buildings.  Few recognized the building painted from the orchard, not the Airline Road.  The painting also is featured on the title page of the A-CHS website.

David Branch, publisher and editor of the magazine, used an article that gives an overview of Alexander’s history.  That article was prepared by John Foley and John Dudley while part of the committee that drew up the Alexander Comprehensive Plan.  That plan was done in 2005 and is, in its entirety, on the web under

Branch chose five pictures to accompany the article that starts on page 12, including another view of the same house found on the cover.  The article covers our history from its 1786 delineation to the development of lake shore homes within the past twenty years.

Did you know that the Alexander-Crawford Historical Society has no moving pictures in its Archives?  We’re speaking of home movies shot mostly after WWII on 8 or 16-millimeter cameras or later on moving images caught on VCRs.  Many of us remember someone with a camera at the Independence Day parade or at a picnic or birthday.


These silent films are part of family history and town history.  John Dudley said that he’s told that Wal-Mart can copy the film content onto a compact disc and return the film undamaged.  The digital form can be reproduced on other CDs to share, saved on a computer, and a copy can be used by A-CHS on our web site,  Call John (454-7476) if you have an old home movie to share.  That is the first step in making that film part of the record history of Alexander, or Crawford, or Cooper.