Local Woman to Offer Inspirational Workshop at CCLC

By Lura Jackson


Lanette Pottle of Robbinston will be offering a one-day workshop at the Cobscook Community Learning Center to facilitate the dreams of local women. (Submitted photo).

“What would you do if you could not fail?” For Lanette Pottle of Robbinston, being asked that question on the last day of the 2010 Washington County Leadership Institute was a pivotal turning point in her life. Though at the time she was hesitant to give voice to her dream, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to speak it aloud.

“I knew I wanted to create something called Positivity Nation,” Pottle said, “though I didn’t know what exactly that was.” She knew that encouraging positivity among people was a central part of her goal, but she hadn’t formulated how that could be best accomplished. “When people didn’t laugh, and instead asked me more questions, it empowered me to say ‘this is viable, this is needed’.”

Two weeks later, Pottle—a self-proclaimed introvert—was on a train headed to Boston to a conference hosted by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles. At the advice of a friend, Pottle came equipped with business cards with her goal emblazoned on the back of them. She realized that part of making her dream a reality was in creating an actionable plan, so she refined her goal to give it quantifiable values. “I stated that I wanted to create a positivity-based community of 10,000 people in all fifty states and at least twenty countries.”

At the time, the notion seemed almost laughably impossible to her. “I knew people in the United States and Canada, and maybe six or seven other states. And I live in Washington County,” Pottle said, adding that the rural area often made networking a challenge. While she now considers herself an emerging techie, at the time, she was technologically illiterate. Even still, she created a Facebook page and a website for contacts from the conference to visit, and ever since that point, her dream began to rapidly manifest.

Now, Positivity Nation is a Facebook community and nonprofit organization consisting of almost 16,000 people from over 100 countries and all 50 states. Every day, Pottle posts or shares thoughts and comments dedicated to spreading positivity to its viewers. Positivity Nation soon became a natural segue for Pottle to start her own business focused on teaching people how to live empowered lives rather than continuing to let life happen to them. “People began asking me to speak, or to coach them one-on-one.”

Pottle began offering workshops around the state, as well as conducting free webinars on topics from meal planning to negotiation and time management and teaching a three-part online course. With an extensive background in customer service training, the workshops are where Pottle really thrives. “Training is my passion.” Since then, she’s worked with women who range from educators, health care professionals, and executives, to entrepreneurs to retail managers and employees, and to those who are unemployed or stay-at-home moms.

Though she now has a network of contacts that spans around the globe, Pottle hasn’t forgotten her roots. “I attest to growing up in Washington County that I have the level of resilience that I do,” she says. As a native of Robbinston, she lives 1/8th of a mile from the house she grew up in. Describing her childhood environment as challenging, Pottle says that she felt in her youth that she had to give up on her dreams when she’d become pregnant at the age of 17. She left the area, and did not return until she was 30. During that time, she began to realize that adversity could be a source of strength. “I went through a lot of tough times here, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I wouldn’t have met the women that I know now.” Among the many positive influences she has since met, Pottle attributes Susan Corbett of the Mighty Women of Washington County as being one of the most profound for her. 


As a way of thanking the community that has helped to shape her, Pottle is offering a specially priced one-day workshop at the Cobscook Community Learning Center on Saturday, March 14th. The workshop will facilitate the expression and formation of the goals and dreams of the attendees, and to help them find their way back to “life’s juicy goodness.” For a single fee of $97, participants can bring a friend at no charge. In addition, each attendee will be enrolled in the three-part online course (which typically costs $127) at no cost, beginning on March 18th. To register for the workshop or to contact Lanette with any questions, visit www.lanettepottle.com.