Arrests Made by CPD After Pursuits and Discovery of Heroin

By Jayna Smith


Calais Police Department was successful in apprehending a fugitive from Connecticut after a car chase turned in to a foot chase, ending inside a local business. Taken into custody was Daniel Maia, 23, of Waterbury, CT.

In the early morning hours on Tuesday, February 17th, according to Calais Police Sergeant Matt Vinson, Officer Roliza Dewitt responded to a local motel after a report of an argument over a fireman. Upon arrival, the officer was granted permission by two females present in the room to conduct a search; however, the search revealed nothing of interest.

At approximately 10:00 a.m. later that day, Sergeant Vinson responded to the motel. This time, it was after Maia complained to the desk clerk that his room had been searched without his consent. Maia proceeded to provide Sergeant Vinson with a false name; however, Sergeant Vinson recognized him from a prior incident. When Maia realized the sergeant was aware of his identity, he fled in his vehicle.

After a brief car chase through town, Maia jumped from his vehicle and fled on foot with Sereant Vinson in pursuit . The chase occurred in the vicinity of Church and Washington Streets. Maia managed to elude capture, making his way back to his vehicle.

After a 25 minute search by local law enforcement, Maia's vehicle was located at Sunrise Eye Care. When law enforcement arrived, Maia bolted into the eye doctors' office through the upstairs main entrance and was found hiding in a downstairs closet.


Sergeant Vinson apprehended Maia and transported Maia to Calais Regional Hospital prior to being transported to Washington County Jail. No injuries occurred during the chase. Maia was not found to be in possession of weapons, however did have the benzodiazepine medication clonazepam which was not prescribed to Maia.

According to Sergeant Vinson, Maia was charged with refusing to submit to arrest, illegal possession of scheduled drugs, operating a motor vehicle without a license, and providing police with a false name and date of birth. Maia's vehicle was impounded and turned over to Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA). Calais Police Department was assisted by Baileyville Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Department, Maine State Police, U.S. Border Patrol, and MDEA.

Later that same day, Calais Police Chief Dave Randall and Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons returned to the local motel. It was their intent to notify Maia's three friends that Maia was in custody and his vehicle had been impounded.

Upon arrival, the chiefs witnessed the trio leaving in another vehicle and proceeded to stop the vehicle. The chiefs ran a warrant on the occupants and discovered Ronald (Paul) Hall, 43 of Eastport, had an active warrant for failure to appear in court.

When Hall was searched by Chief Fitzsimmons, heroin and paraphernalia used to ingest heroin were found. Hall was arrested for the active warrant and charged with possession of scheduled drugs. The vehicle, owned by Hall's parents, was also seized and turned over to MDEA. Hall was transported to Washington County Jail by Washington County Sheriff's Department.


Maia remains in Washington County Jail awaiting extradition to Connecticut. Hall was arraigned and later released from custody.