UCP of Maine Transitioning Washington County Children’s Program to Sunrise Opportunities

UCP of Maine and Sunrise Opportunities are in the process of transferring services provided by Washington County Children’s Program (WCCP) along with its Dental Program, including the Tooth Ferry, to Sunrise Opportunities.   The change in service delivery will affect approximately twenty children residing in Washington County.

The current staff of WCCP will become employees of Sunrise Opportunities.  Children and their families will be allowed to continue with their existing WCCP staff, under Sunrise Opportunities direction once the transfer is complete, if they chose.   If they would rather receive services from another provider, UCP of Maine will help them transfer to a new provider.

In February of 2012 WCCP became administratively and organizationally a part of UCP of Maine, but retained its program site WCCP name in Machias.  In late 2014, the Board of Directors of UCP of Maine decided it would be in the best interest of the clients and families who were being served in Washington County to have a local agency take over the services provided by WCCP.

At that same time, Sunrise Opportunities was in the process of expanding its children’s Rehabilitative Community Support Services from a program for approximately eight children, to a larger program serving children with more complex needs, and including a wider age range of services to children.  

Sunrise has had an unwavering commitment to Washington County for almost 60 years. It was started in 1957, like WCCP, as a grass roots organization by parents and friends of children with special needs.  Over the years Sunrise has expanded services in a variety of areas, and currently employs over 100 staff and serves more than one hundred children and adults in a variety of programs throughout Washington County.  

The staff of all three organizations (UCP of Maine, WCCP and Sunrise Opportunities) in concert with State licensing and regulatory agencies, are working closely to make this a smooth transition for the children and their families involved.  The level of cooperation among all the organizations demonstrates a real commitment to assure that children continue to receive their specialized services, delivered uninterrupted, in their local area.  


UCP-WCCP records will be stored at UCP of Maine in Bangor.  Past and current WCCP clients can obtain a copy of their medical records by contacting the Quality Assurance Department at UCP of Maine 700 Mt Hope Av, Suite 320, Bangor, Maine 04401, 941-2952.  Anyone interested in more information is invited to contact Tom Michaud, Executive Director at Sunrise Opportunities, 207-255-8596 or Scott Tash, CEO at UCP of Maine at 207-941-2952.