Grand Lake Stream

Town News

Dave McCullough

Here are the low temps coming up, Monday- 0, Tuesday -1, Wednesday -1, Thursday +8, Friday -3, Saturday -7, Sunday -2 and Monday -6.  After a discussion with Les at the Pine Tree Store he talked about packing down the trails with Danny and some grandkids and also mentioned the ITS 84 has been groomed.  All in all it sounds like lots of snow and the trails are in better shape following each storm. Also thanks to all the folks that volunteer their time in support of the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club. The Saturday opening of the Club House continues to be successful.

Coyote harvest totals recorded at Smith’s Store in Springfield are as follows:  28, Partridge Farms 8 and Two Rivers 4 for a total of 41. Twenty one are males and 20 females. The largest male weighted in at 44.7 pounds and the largest female’s weight was 33.5 pounds.

The Women to Women Group in Grand Lake Stream is planning a Valentine Pot Luck on Saturday, Valentine’s Day, February 14 at 5:00 P.M. at the Schoolhouse.  Everyone is welcome!  Bring a dish (hors d’oeuvres, main dish, and dessert, salad) to share.

I noticed on Linda Curtis’s face-book page that she commented:   “Had a pizza at the Pine Tree Store in GLS. Believe me it is worth the time coming in as it was the best pizza I have had since moving home.  New faces and new menu - all GOOD!”

A CANADIAN CHICKEN story from our Farm Cove Hermit:  We were discussing supper when I mentioned a craving for fried chicken.  The nearest  K.F.C. was in St. Stephen, too far I said for a meal.  Adam had just made a four hour drive from Southern Maine but suggested we should make a chicken run.  We did.  I wanted to see the new crossing which I had never been over.  It was impressive.

The lady at Canadian Customs was very pleasant chatting briefly and providing directions.  The person at CKFC was most accommodating going off the menu to fill our order. Back at U.S. Customs I noticed the two cars ahead of us were gone in a minute.  We presented our driver’s licenses and my birth certificate.  The officer requested passports.  Adam explained he had one but hadn’t planned on crossing into Canada.  I explained I never had one.  He returned to the booth and spent a long time talking to someone.  We heard other voices.  Returning, the officer asked if the driver was my son and where he was born.  I replied “yes, Bangor”.  Questioning continued until somehow he discovered he had served with my oldest son in Iraq in a Maine Army National Guard Unit 15.  Minutes had passed when we were finally released.  Looking back I noticed 8 cars lined up behind us.  I promised Adam that the next time we’d have pizza at the Pine Tree Store”.


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