Calais High School Dominic Gayton

Welcome back to the Busy Halls of CHS. The big news this week is Winter Carnival. As you are reading this, the electric spirit of Winter Carnival is consuming CHS. 

This year, the overall theme of Winter Carnival was selected by the Student Council (the primary sponsor of Winter Carnival) to be Countries. The classes then chose their individual themes as follows: Freshmen chose Italy, sophomores chose France, juniors chose Egypt, and seniors chose Mexico. Based on these themes, classes will decorate hallways, paint banners, build snow sculptures and perform a skit. In addition to these activities, classes will compete all week in after school activities and theme days to earn their class points toward Winter Carnival victory. The week will be topped off with a Highlighter Dance where the winner will be announced.

Next week, girls and boys basketball teams will be traveling to Bangor to compete for the Eastern Maine basketball championship. Best of luck to them.


That's all for this week. Thanks for reading.