A Story and a Recipe

By Dorothy Johnson


Readers have been asking about Lulu and her recent activities.  She is a real puzzle as dogs go, but she is good company (most of the time) and loves visitors. She is also a very happy dog except when she is in time out.  When she is being punished, she is an unhappy, sulking puppy and will not let on that anyone else is around.

On  February 3rd, Lulu will be celebrating her birthday.  She will be eight months old.  In people years that equals fifty-six months or four and two-thirds years.  I am still seeing her in her “terrible twos” and I am waiting for her to grow up, but she is in no hurry to do anything like that.

Lulu is having a love-hate relationship with the snow. One evening she was staring up at the kitchen window barking at the falling snowflakes. She tries to walk without getting her feet in the snow and it is  funny to watch her. She will put a foot down and then lift it fast so it will not get any snow on it.  Unfortunately, she cannot pick up all four feet at the same time, but she still keeps trying.  She gets  annoyed when she finds herself walking on the crust and then breaking through every few feet.  She does not understand why she is on top of the snow one minute and then in the snow the next minute.

I thought this dislike of the snow would keep her on the deck, but when she saw her first chance to escape, she did.  She ran out by me when I was clearing snow from the doorway, bounded down the snow-covered steps, found the plowed driveway, disappeared down the lane and took a left. I called her (several names), but she did not stop on a dime and return.  Instead, she did her exploration of the land to the left and returned when she was good and ready. By then I had decided that she would either return or I would be picking her up off the road. Now she does not get the opportunity to escape; she stays on her twenty-foot lead and stays with me.

In the spring, I plan to invest in one of those collars that limit her ability to get to the road.  I really want her to get a chance to run in the fields, but she will have to be encouraged to stay off the Ridge Road.

Lulu would love to become acquainted with the cats, Katy and Lady, and tries to visit them every chance she gets.  To be truthful, she may be more interested in their food than in them, but she is very enthusiastic about something.  The cats are not the least bit afraid of her and if she gets a chance to put her nose in their faces, they are quick to show her their claws.

When Lulu first arrived, I wanted her to eat only dog food, not “human” food.  Now she is learning to eat apples, oranges, cheese, peanuts and anything that I eat, except chocolate and grapes.  She really likes everything edible and some things I consider inedible. She will eat the birds’ seeds, the squirrel’s popcorn and even parts of her blanket. I am hoping that with my encouragement, she has outgrown her hankering for the doormat, but I am not sure.

 This winter she has to stay home instead of going for a ride because she learned to take her sweater off and chew it. She also chewed the seat belt holder, the armrest and the stick shift along with my checkbook and everything in it. In spite of her problems, she is a lot of fun and a good companion and we are both looking forward to warm weather.

While we are looking forward to warm weather, I am still researching recipes for cold weather.  This week I found this recipe for sweet and sour meatballs.  Next week I will look for quick and easy desserts for your Valentines.


Sweet and Sour Meatballs


One envelope of onion soup mix / One-half cup water  / Two eggs

Two pounds ground beef

One (16 ounce) can sauerkraut, drained and snipped

One (8 ounce) can whole cranberry sauce

Three-fourths cup chili sauce

Three-fourths cup water

One-third cup packed brown sugar / Hot cooked rice


Combine soup and water. Beat in eggs with fork. Add beef, mix well. 

Shape into 40 meatballs. Combine sauerkraut, cranberry sauce and remaining ingredients. 

Pour half mixture into bottom of 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking dish.

Brown meatballs, drain and place on top of sauerkraut.

Pour remaining sauce over all. 

Cover with foil and bake in 325 degree- oven for 20 minutes. 

Uncover and bake 15 to 20 minutes.  Serve over hot cooked rice.

Recipe borrowed from Rita Barr and found in the cookbook of the 


Daughters of Isabella of Eastport, ME.