Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It is a gorgeous Monday in Meddybemps as I write this.  We had a heavy frost this morning, followed by bright sunshine, baby blue skies and various cloud formations.  Last night, the sky was so clear, I could identify many of the star formations.

Happy Birthday wishes to Carol Bloomhardt on November 13, Patti Lentz - 14, and Christopher Doten - 19.

Janet Wooding has once again been blessed with family visitors.  She shared, “I just had a wonderful visit with my eldest daughter Anne and my granddaughter Gale, both from Wales. We enjoyed trips to Roque Bluffs and Shackford Head, among other things.  It all went by much too fast.”  But, I think they are abundantly blessed to have her in their lives.  No wonder they travel so far to be with her.

Mona Van Wart has also been out and about with her cousin.  They shared a lovely dinner at the Bar Harbor Inn last Friday night.  

 The Veterans’ tribute in The Calais Advertiser was perfect.  A dear friend was distressed that she didn’t get her photo into the paper for the tribute. Muriel Doten from Baring was an Army nurse and officer during WWII.  She came to Maine from Wisconsin after meeting her husband Clyde Doten in the Army.  She has some amazing stories.  It is also amazing when we realize, in this small part of the world we are surrounded by a large group of true American heros.  November 10th, was the 239th Anniversary of the U. S. Marine Corps. When Ronald Reagan was president he said, “Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference.  The Marines don’t have that problem.”  This quote would apply to most servicemen and women.  As someone so aptly posted on Facebook about President Reagan’s quote: “When our national security is in peril, no one says ‘send in the politicians’.”  I especially think of Paul Johnson, who served in the Marine Corps on D-Day.  True heros live among us!  I will research service branch birthdays to also specifically remember those men and women in upcoming issues.

 Some bears have been on the rampage with apple trees on various properties in the area.  Kenny Gibson had some deer on his property for awhile. Presently, a bear and her two cubs are frequenting his farm.  They can be quite destructive to apple trees when they climb upon them and break off the branches so they fall to the ground for easier picking.  Smart critters!  To save his tree, Kenny picks apples and lays them on the ground. Smart man! My Barry also noticed a great deal of damage on an apple tree from the bears on a property where he cuts wood in Cooper.  Deep claw marks and broken branches leave no doubt that they have been there.  

We are struck by the noticable absence of our little red squirrels.  They usually do morning and afternoon sweeps inside and under our bird feeder. We know the chipmunks are probably in hibernation, but usually see the squirrels year-round.  Perhaps the bob cat that has been in the area has something to do with that. A small flock of slate-colored junco’s were at the feeder last week.  A sure sign that birds are on the move and migrating with the colder weather.  The adorable chickadees are with us throughout the year -- now more so than ever since the change in the weather.

 The little toddler doll is still strapped to the tree on our lane with it’s “Freddy Krueger” mask. Now that’s creepy.  Whoever is doing this, couldn’t you have made her Raggedy Anne or something cuter?  Please put her in a snowsuit - or a coat - or something nicer for these colder months.

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