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Dave McCullough

The Rogers family welcomed a gathering of folks from the Grand Lake Stream area for an evening pot luck picnic. The event was held at the “Timberlee” camp which is in an area called The Gut” just before entering Farm Cove from the east. Lance, Helen and son Kalob were wonderful hosts. People arrived by boat, ATV and automobile. With so many people in attendance the variety of food dishes was a special treat.  A great time was had by all. (Submitted photo).

What a wonderful week of beautiful fall weather. A group of Grand Lake Stream ladies went on a camping trip to Chesuncook Village.  The first morning they walked the village area and in the afternoon paddled over to Gero Island.  If you have never traveled to Chesuncook Village it is a beautiful part of the State. When my sons were in scouts we paddled the West Branch of the Penobscot and stopped at the Village.

Congratulations to Lee Whitely for securing his moose this year.  After dressing it weighed in at 877 pounds.

NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATE!! Don’t forget the State’s Head Deer Biologist is going to be at the GLS School House at 5:00 on Tuesday the 14th of October. Please come and hear about the Maine’s plans to manage our deer herd. Come and show IF&W we care about our Whitetails. 

Here is the news from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust. Thanks Tanya for keeping us posted.

Habitat Improvement on Amazon Rd. Completed

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust, in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lyme Timber, Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, and Project SHARE, undertook a large habitat improvement project which shut down Amazon Rd. in Grand Lake Stream during the third week of September. 

By removing an undersized and beaver-obstructed culvert and installing an 18-foot wide and 9-foot high steel bottomless arch, trout and other species will now have better access to the west branch of Amazon Brook.

This project is the biggest of its kind that the DLLT has undertaken. The DLLT extends its thanks to the community for their patience during the road closure.

The Farm Cove Hermit is thinking fall.

Does it bother you when businesses start promoting Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is still summer on the calendar? Let’s take each season as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest. Fall is my favorite season.  I get nostalgia recalling ones that were extra special for a variety of reasons.

Fall is unique, the air has a special quality, muggy free with aromas like wood smoke and burning leaves. We get stretches of Blue-Bird days and clear star spangled night skies. Leaf colors so vivid they defy description.

Many people believe that the drop in temperature triggers the process. Truly but ground moisture and reduced sunlight as the days shorten are equally important.

Once the green chlorophyll is no longer made the other plant pigments that have been present all along become visible. These include yellow, orange, purple, red and brown.

Each fall nature provides us with an amazing technicolor show and it is all free!!

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