Town News

Linda Baniszeski

As I write this on Monday, we are having a rather warm day.  But I understand from various weather channels that cold weather is on the way.  It is really odd to have warm and humid weather considering our first frost and morning wood fires were this past week.  Mike Johnson and others have also taken their boats out of the lake as summer ends. 

We all know cold weather is not too far away.  In the meantime, we can enjoy the changing fall colors and harvests.  Driving back home from upstate New York this past Sunday, it would appear that northern Vermont and New Hampshire foliage will be at peak in ten days to two weeks.  The mountain vistas are already punctuated with the scattered brilliant red shades of maple trees.  I got apples from a grower along the way.  Patty Reynolds had a great time picking apples with her daughter Julie and family here in Maine last week.  Paulyne Ward has harvested her potatos and carrots.  It looks like she has a healthy crop.  Ah, the nice signs of Fall -- makes the cooler weather not so hard to take.

Karen Gilbert and Cindy Troxel took a trip to St. Andrews on Wednesday with sisters-in-law Shirley Baniszeski from Perry, and Janet Baniszeski from Pembroke.  Harold Hansen, Warren Leary and Jeff Brown have returned to their seasonal homes doing repairs and winterization.   John and Meg Rothberg are on Teele island for a fall visit. 

Upcoming birthdays include Alyssa Shaw and Karen Smith on September 27; Maxine Arbo, October 1; and Milt Adelman, whose exact birthday I don’t know, but it’s soon.  Each are wished a happy day, and happy and healthy year ahead.  Best wishes to Tonya Troiani who e-mailed from Saco, Maine, regarding our lake’s littering situation.  She didn’t like my letter to the editor of The Calais Advertiser.  Oh, well, that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.  Each of us has our own points of view.  No harm done. 

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