A Story and a Recipe

By Dorothy Johnson


I have appreciated all of the Calais Advertiser readers who have been following the weekly Baileyville column and those who have told me they miss reading the news from town.  I am sure some aspiring writer will step up to take over the town column.  When I came to town in 1969, Grace Ober was writing the news and she also had a wonderful command of the history of town.  The Calais Advertiser is waiting for another Mrs. Ober to contact the editor.

As far as Lulu is concerned, we have more to add to the rest of the story. When I was searching for a dog, I only searched Maine rescue sites.  I found Lulu on the Glenburn Star Bright Rescue site and I thought that it would be a quick trip to pick her up.  Nada, one of my former secretaries, is the secretary at Glenburn Elementary School and I knew she would help me locate the exact address. Imagine our surprise when Becky was let in on the secret that Lulu was actually in Georgia. I will have to learn to speak with a southern accent and Lulu will need a coat to wear in this much cooler weather.

The lady that is in charge of the transaction, Tina Baker, told Becky that I could pick up Lulu in Cranston, Rhode Island, on September 20th. Becky’s replied, “You do know that we live in Maine, don’t you?” After a few e-mails about possibilities of pick up spots, Becky elected to pick Lulu up in Scarborough at 9 pm instead of in Kittery at 7 pm on the 20th. It seems that the rescue organization in Georgia rescues retrievers and retriever mixes and ships them to New England to their new homes. The group sent a load on September 6th and will be sending another load on September 20th. Penny Cross and Becky are making the arrangements.  I think it will be a long night. 

Meanwhile, I asked Becky how much I had to send for Lulu’s expenses.  Becky told me that the “girls” had gotten together and paid all of Lulu’s expenses.  Lulu is my house-warming gift.  That was a lovely surprise and even though I do not know who is in on this surprise, I am very appreciative.  I have been told that not everybody gets a living, breathing house warming gift, and I agree.

The story this week is just a few comments about moving forty-five years of “stuff.” It is an overwhelming, depressing, never-ending job. I have packed two bookcases of books and still have five bookcases more to go. I have thrown away about 55 baseball caps with college and company insignias and still have many more to go. Although my clothes are not very elaborate or of various styles, they are becoming a mountain of despair.  I know it will be hard to believe, but I even found a dress among my souvenirs. 

This week I will continue packing my books, collections (blue glass, letter openers, wooden and ceramic Santas and pewter animals (mostly cats) and hope to move them soon.  I am serious about getting to the farm while I have a few weeks to mow the lawn before I have to start plowing the yard. I will have all winter to unpack, but the packing is urgent. I also have several friends who are eager to help me put up curtains and decorations.  I am not sure how that will work because curtains are really not my thing.  These friends, though, are very adept at making their own houses look like a “Better Homes and Gardens” picture.

I am planning on inviting some friends in for coffee when I get settled and find my cooking dishes and what I want to bake for them is a very special cake.  Therefore, I have been looking for that special recipe and I found this in one of my mother’s old Rebekahs’ Cookbook.  It is for date nut cake, but I will leave the nuts out and serve it with extra sharp cheese.

Date Nut Cake

Ingredients: Two cups sugar Two cups dates cut very fine Two cups boiling water Two eggs Two tablespoons butter or margarine Two teaspoons soda A pinch of salt Two and a half cups flour One cup nuts (Optional) 


Dissolve soda in boiling water.

Pour over dates.

Let stand five minutes

Add remaining ingredients

Bake one hour in preheated 350 degree oven in eight by eight inch pan.

I always liked to eat my mother’s date cake with extra sharp cheddar cheese and V-8 juice, 

but I am not sure that particular combination 

would appeal to everyone.