Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

On Monday evening, August 25, many members of the reading group,’ Let’s Talk About It’, gathered at the Bellmard Inn on Main Street to socialize and have dinner together. Sandra and Doug prepared most of the food using recipes from the ‘Gilded Age’ era which had been the topic of the summer book discussions.

 Work has been progressing on the library addition. Last week the siding was finished. Soon the roofing will be tackled. Inside, additional books have been boxed in preparation for taking out a section of wall between what was the children’s room and the teen section. We have pulled several boxes of books which hadn’t been checked out in 3-5 years. These books are for sale-lots of really good reading. On good-weather Wednesdays through Fridays, some will be on a table in front of the Library for sale. The others are in boxes in the library. Come look them over. They are priced at $3.00 for hardcover and $.50 for paperbacks. Choose a bunch and make an offer. Depending on favorable weather and volunteer help, a book table will also be set up at the Farmers’ Market as long as it is operating. Donations toward the renovations planned for the original portion of the library have now topped the $5100 mark. 

 On August 19th the Comprehensive Plan was discussed at the Selectmen’s meeting and brought to a vote. Those present voted to accept the plan. It can be viewed at the Princeton Town Office during regular hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 12 and 12:45 p.m. to 4 except holidays. It can also be accessed online at the town’s website: