Cathance Lake Association Annual Meeting and BBQ

The Cathance Lake Association (CLA), based in Cathance Township and Cooper, held its annual meeting and bbq at the Cooper Community Center with a good proportion of its 120 members present. The program was moderated by co-chair Peggy Wallce.

Members each spoke about what Cathance Lake means to them and reminisced about good times there.

Elected or re-elected to the Board of Directors were: Mary Dunn, Kathy Hull, Mary and Howard McFadden, and Danny Sullivan; Peggy Hallee and Karen Holmes as co-chairs; and Debbie Hibbard as treasurer.

Donated were voted for: an A.J. Robinson scholarship for a child to Greenland Point Nature Camp, Audubon Society, Downeast Salmon Federation and several others.

A representative of the DSF spoke on its gift from the Bailevy Wildlife Foundation of 670 acres (all of hog’s Neck Peninsula) 6.5 miles of lake frontage on CL, to be maintained as “forever wild” and what this will mean to residents in the future.

Karen Holmes reporter on the courtesy boat inspection program where CLA volunteers inspect boats at the CL public boat launch for invasive species of plants and animals and teach boat owners to inspect their own boats.

She also reported on the annual Audubon Loon Count, showing the count on CL to be lower, with only one chick this year, caused by predation and/or human interference. She spoke on the dangers to loons on our lake, from lead jigs and weighs, which killed and continue to kill loons which ingest them. Her display table had free give-away samples of jigs and weights made of tin, bismuth or steel from Maine Audubon’s “Lead-Free Fishing Project.” She suggested building nest rafts next spring in sheltered placed and asked for input and volunteers.

Bill Geis reported on the need to repair the dam, still on the docket for the state to do it. The annual cove trip to assess our water plants and search for invasive plants, led by Dr. Mark in his kayak, will have 3 party boats so to enjoy the beauty of the lake and shorleine.

Richard Offinger, who has been inspecting water quality in CL since 1972, reported on oxygen levels, e-coli samples, water transparency, etc. Cathance Lake is among the top five most pristine of the almost 6,000 lakes and ponds in Maine.

The assemblage then enjoyed a BBQ with chicken, ribs, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a wide array of salad, casseroles and dessert. Cookbooks “Recipes from the Lake We Love,” hats and totes with the loon logo were sold. The $50 gift card was won by the Rutherford family and the 50/50 was won by Desmon Gonzales, the door prizes were won by Gloria Dobman, Marry Dunn, Gail Marmer, Mary McFadden and Dick & Ingrid Morton.

The mission of the Cathance Lake Association formed 23 years ago, is to keep Cathance Lake as pure and pristine as possible for the health of the plant and animal life in it, and for the enjoyment of the residents and their friends and neighbors and visitors.