Town News

Sharon Frost


Grandparents’ Day on September 7.

Visiting me on Wednesday were my niece from St. Stephen area and my aunt from Beaver Harbor. We talked about our younger years, grandchildren and enjoyed a lunch at McDonalds.

On Thursday I took myself for a drive down Rt. 1. Such a bright, sunny day. I stopped off at Gleason’s Cove to touch my feet in the bay. The tide was almost in and the waves were strong. I then proceeded to Eastport. I browsed in and out of the stores, went  for a sweet at the bakery and topped it off with a hot dog. A lot of boats coming and going as well as a crowd on the wharf fishing. The Coast Guard buildings are humongous. I drove around some back streets, saw two mother deer and four babies with still their spots on. I love watching them. They posed while I took their picture.

The Seniority group will go to the St. Andrews Farmers’ Market on Thursday, Sept. 11th leaving from Calais Hospital at 8:30 am. We will go to the Gables for a dutch treat lunch. I pray for a good day.

I had a nice letter from Sharon LeConte who with her husband Chris, now resides in Rockwood, ME. She’s been going to class reunions, New Mexico to celebrate her aunt’s 90th birthday and a few days later went camping at Cape Cod with family. Then to top it off had relatives arrive from Georgia. Guess what now? He’s making pickles and jam. That is too busy of a life for me. I’ve been there and done that. Keep up the good work.

A kayak tour on September 10th. Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Sipps Bay, Perry beginning at noon.

Birthday wishes to Betty Whittaker, Karen Marshall, Louise O‘Brien, Carl Gordon, Edwin DiCenzo, Christine Felker, Muriel Doten, Valerie Smith, Evelyn Goodine, Grace Meader. Sherry Sivret, Dot Daggett.

Sympathy to Lorraine and Ron Voutour and relations on the loss of her brother Floyd Coones.

The Charlotte Fire and Rescue spaghetti supper will be held on Saturday, September 6th at 5 pm. Come early for your seat.

I read where Ivan Corey of Campbell was presented with the Distinguished Educator Award. Ivan was my teacher in seventh grade. He was so shy, a great man who hasn’t been feeling up to par. Thoughts and prayers are with him.

The Pirate Festival September 5, 6, and 7th in Eastport, parades, dances and more.

A public breakfast at Christ Church in Eastport 7:30 to 9:00 am  on Saturday the 6th.