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Sharon Frost


New moon 25th.

August 26th Women’s Equality Day. A time to remind ourselves about the importance and value of women in the world. It is also time to celebrate women’s contributions and achievements.

Kevin Mulcahy is home from New York visiting his father Chris and wife Fran. Friends gathered on Friday for a lovely buffet and cake to honor Chris’s 86th birthday. Chris received many cards and gifts.

Next Friday, the 29th is “Junk in the Truck” yard sale Main Street. RSVP at 454-0573. 

The Sunday breakfast group surprised Rick Hodsdon with a birthday cake and cards.

The Blueberry Pick and Jam Kitchen Party, Country, Bluegrass music is held at the Bayside Community Hall  every Sunday from Noon to 3 pm U.S.  Some times it is full to capacity. Come dance, relax and listen.

Birthday wishes: John Howe, Arline Flood, Brent Francis, Robert Ramsey, Allen Beckett, Mike Holly, Nancy McCann, Mary Lou McGraw, Anita Flagg, Madge Gibson, Jennie Howard, Steve McFadden, Steve Mulholland, Doug Brackett and Daphne Scott.

The Vondell family was n town visiting friends during festival week

The Burtt families were also home visiting friends and relatives.

A lovely barbecue celebration of family ad friends gathered at the home of Meyers for son Jason who will be leaving for the Marine Corps in October. The rain came and went but the younger group still played the bean bag toss game.