Town News

Arline Flood


Each month a different group sponsors the birthday party at the VA nursing home in Machias. The auxiliary in Machias donates the cake and refreshments. In July the auxiliary of Sherman Bros. 3 legion of Calais does the honors. This year there was only one birthday to celebrate, that of Chester Kolah. He is over 80 ears old and has been there without any visits from family and he really loves the attention and we love to put a smile on his face each year. This year Ralph and I did the visit on July 31st in the new recreation room and with Winona’s two piece band playing old songs for the able bodied residents to enjoy and to dance too. It’s surprising who many will give it a try with the volunteers. He can’t remember my name and every once in a while, we hear someone telling him “It’s Arline Flood.” It’s always good to see Bruce Glanville with his large coffee cup which seems to be a permanent fixture and to see how well he has settled in. The former school bus driver, Jim Mehan, seemed to enjoy the music but he doesn’t remember us at all except to say that was long ago. This party is held the last Thursday of the month at 2 O’clock in the afternoon for a couple of hours and a welcome break for the 28  residents. There are  4 members of the Machias Auxiliary that are regular volunteers for this and beano each week. We gave him a little basket with some of his favorite things and a gift certificate to  Sue’s  Thrift Shop, one of his favorite places to shop.

TOPS 256 had a great weight loss week with one member losing 7 lbs. There was a pleasant visit from the area representative Janice who did a slide show on exercise and how it helped on the road to good weight loss. She was presented a gift of money from the class to help with travel expenses as she has a long drive from Caribou. Jeff needs to have treatments on a leg problem this week in Bangor and we wish him well. He and Judy are the glue that holds our little group together opening up the hall each week. The officers will be installed soon for the coming year. New members are always welcome.

It’s a new month and the blueberry season is upon us once again. The crop promises of being good this  year. My brothers have a new raking machine and this will be a learning experience for them. They are also hiring hand rakers as in the  past. We are all excited.

There was a guest speaker at the Meddybemps Christian Church this Sunday.  Todd and Julie Hendry with their three children Michaela, Samuel and Lilyanne. They have been in Brazil for five years and are now located in the interior in the city of Croaatta. They have been taking language training so they can be understood. The Hendrys have started many childrens programs, invited a Brazilian friend (Neuma) to work with them in Croata, rented a building for a church and started with both Sunday school and church services. They plan to return to Brazil at the end of the year when they complete the Visa process for the new baby due in October. They have served as missionaries through the Avent Ministries and the Meddybemps church has supported missionaries through Avant Ministries with Julie’s parents, George and Ann Hicks. There was communion at the church this morning with Pastor Joe and Todd Hendry and Jeremy Townes. Jeremy sang a solo as only he can and a slide show was presented by the Hendrys both at the church and  later at the recreation at the Meddybemps Christian Church where a nice lunch was held and a baby shower given to Julie and her new baby boy. Bible study will be held next week.

Much sympathy to the family of Hilda Lord who passed away after a long illness.

Happy birthday in August to Will Day, Ann Marie Flood, Jay Smith, Deliah Flood, Linda Leavitt, Pat Dineen, William Fitch, Maxine Palmeter, Vince Dineen, Arline Flood, Krystall Moores, Derek Townsend, Missy Alexander, Mary Perry, Peter Bailey, Jane Gillespie, Susan White, Maxine Sherrard, John Howe, Trudy Poole, Fred Becker, Irene Watts, David Greenlaw ,Grace Hatton, John Johnson and all you wonderful August babies.

Ann Marie and I held a large garage sale on Saturday with slow but steady customers coming by. We really enjoy meeting old friends each year. Due to the large inventory this year, we are planning on opening up for a while. So if anyone missed us we’re available. Ann Marie showed us an unique way to open a new lounge chair.