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Dave McCullough

The 19th Grand Lake Stream Folk Arts Festival is this weekend! Come and enjoy a wonderful event with a rich history of great food, creative crafts, educational exhibits, wonderful crafts and of course talented musicians. Hope to see you all there. 

The annual GLS ATV “Dutch Oven Cook Off” was held with 25 people in attendance. The GLS ATV Club has many  events during the season and it is not necessary to own an ATV to be a member.  Becoming a member is easy and low cost.  Contact Patty Weeks or other ATV members

The Town of Grand Lake Stream has engaged a private security firm to ensure that Town Ordinances are followed. A special focus will be around the public swimming and parking areas. More details next week.

News from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to offer a tour of forestry activities at Musquash Farm on July 9th.

Participants  began by taking a loop walk  around the old farm grounds.  Presenters Kyle Burdick from Orion Timberlands, Brian Bell from Balanced Forestry and property owner Ed McGrath highlighted primary aspects of forest management, from growing, harvesting, and regenerating trees to protecting soil, water quality, and wildlife. Kyle displayed tree rings that illustrated growth patterns under various thinning regimes, and explained how sustainable harvesting can improve over all forest health. Featured in the tour was a PONSSE BuffaloDual Harvester and Forwarder. Brian demonstrated it’s application to the project highlighting it’s low impact on the root systems and soil structure.

Up-Coming Events: Moonlight Paddle Full of Magical Moments

Super full moons– when the Earth and the moon are closest too each other are rare events, and even rarer when they occur on a warm summer evening. Thus the Downeast Lakes Land Trust was eager to lead a  community paddle out onto Big Musquash Stream to enjoy it.  Led by Maine Guide, Deb Gorman with twenty years of paddling expeditions under her belt, the small boats darted like dragon flies along the surface heading up stream towards Flipper Creek and the Musquash Esker. Paddlers moved about in convivial twos and threes along the stream’s wide channel.

Rounding the Musquash Esker, Deb explained the glacial features which make the Musquash system the most extensive wetland in the St. Croix Watershed. Eskers such as the one on the Big Musquash formed within ice-walled tunnels by streams which flowed within and under glaciers. After the retaining ice walls melted away, stream deposits remained as long winding ridges.

Deb shared her knowledge of a second interesting feature of the Musquash wetland system, the domed bog on the south eastern side of the river. Domed bog systems are themselves quite rare, with less than 100 like it in the whole state.”

Lake Monitoring Launched in Grand Lake Stream: The Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to host Scott Williams the Executive Director of the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program for an intensive day-long lake monitor training program on Tuesday July 8. The VLMP fosters stewardship of Maine lakes and their watersheds in order to ensure high water quality and ecological integrity. This is accomplished by the collection of credible lake data by trained citizen volunteers, and by providing educational information concerning lakes to the citizens of Maine.

After a morning of classroom instruction, participants traveled out to the deeper points in West Grand Lake to hone their skills testing the clarity of the water with Secchi disks as well as looking out for aquatic weeds.  The newly trained monitors will be undertaking sites through-out the region, from the Talmadge area to 4th Lake including numerous lakes in between as well as West Grand Lake itself.

Children Explore the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Tuesday summer mornings are for children at the Downeast Lakes Land Trust.  Young adventurers created their own handmade journals and have set out into the forest to document their findings as they explore the tiny and the tremendous.  Last week participants explored various types of mosses and lichens and build terrariums to take home slices of forest habitat for their own.

This week, with forester Kyle Burdick, participants explored how forests are managed for wildlife, water quality, to produce a sustainable supply of lumber that supports the local economy. “My job,” said Kyle, “Is  to make sure we have trees now for wood and to give people jobs and also have trees in the future for the animals.”

Highlights of the morning included watching a grapple skidder and a delimber in operation, and visiting an arch culvert where DLLT intern David Montague explained how they  benefit aquatic life.

Over the coming weeks, participants will explore Little Mayberry Cove, work with watercolors with Rebekah Raye, and learn to track animals and identify trees. All of these programs are free and start at the school house in Grand Lake Stream on Tuesday mornings through August 19 at 9:30 AM.  For more information contact us by calling 207-796-2100 or emailing

Older Students’ Program Off to a Dynamic Start

With hammers, drills, pruning saws and re-curve bows, children ages 11-16 are taking on new adventures at the Downeast Lakes Land Trust!

So far, participants have built a parade float and honed their skills as archers at Greenland Point Center.  ”The staff at Greenland Point did an excellent job.” said Sue Whitely, whose grandson Jay attended.

Over the coming weeks, participants will venture into the heart of the DLLT’s Farm Cove Community Forest on Map and Compass Adventures, as well learn to make fire, identify wild foods, build emergency shelters, and fly fish.  All of these programs are free and start at the school house in Grand Lake Stream on Thursday mornings through August 21 at 9:30 AM.  For more information contact us by calling 207-796-2100 or emailing

Up Coming Events

Serious Skills for Boys and Girls—Map and Compass Adventure—Children ages 11-16. July 24, 9:30 AM-12 Noon.  Leaving from the School Building in Grand Lake Stream

Baxter Outdoors Downeast Lakes Trail Run August 2, 2014 - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Little Mayberry Cove Trail Shaw St, Grand Lake Stream, ME Distance: 5 miles Price: $35

West Grand Lake Race – 10th Annual! August 3, 2014 - 9:15 AM to 2:00 PM West Grand Lake Shaw St, Grand Lake Stream, ME

Our home is filled again with the excitement that goes with having a 12 years old grandson in residence. He had a great week at Boy Scout Camp but it is wonderful to have you here again. He continues to enjoy those breakfast sandwiches at the Pine Tree Store.

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