Calais School Committee Regretfully Accepts Five Resignations

By Kaileigh Deacon 

The Calais School Committee held its scheduled meeting on Tuesday June 15 in the Calais Middle/High School Library at 6pm. After the acceptance of the agenda and the previous meetings minutes the committee moved on to the Superintendent’s Update. 

Superintendent Bob Moholland shared with the School Committee Quinn Sluzenski’s Bronze Medal from the National Skills USA competition. Sluzenski will be honored by the Calais City Council at their regularly scheduled meeting on August 14. He then provided an update on the paving that’s underway at the elementary and high school. He also shared the quote for the replacement of the windows at the elementary school which with labor totaled $31,000. 

The Committee then moved onto new business which started with the reading and acceptance with regret five letters of resignation. Letters of resignation came from on member of the school Committee, Marcia Hayward, who cited personal reasons for needing to end her service on the committee. The committee regretfully accepted her resignation and will advertise for a replacement to complete Hayward’s term on the School Committee. 

 The committee also accepted, with regret, the resignations of Jill Nichols from the Calais Day Treatment, Randy Mccormick from the Calais High School, Phil Beckett from the Calais High School, and Ed Leeman from the high school. 

Still in new business the committee also approved Anne Scott as the new Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Coach, hired David Townsend as a Custodian at the Calais Elementary School, hired Amanda Hatch as the Mainecare Billing Specialist at the Calais Day Treatment, and hired Georgia Haley and Sandra Campbell at the Calais Middle/High School as RA Level II One on One and Education Technician I respectively. 

As a final matter in new business the school committee handed out the Calais School Department Policy GCC-Employee Attendance Policy which will be read and discussed later. 

In Old Business Superintendent Moholland stated that there is potentially a budget surplus for this year due to teacher furlough days and unexpected revenue coming in this year. 

Moholland: I would like to talk to the City Council about establishing a CIP. And we already have an account which is the Board of Trustees for the School Department. Establish an account where half goes toward the debt we owe the city from last year and the other goes into the account for major maintenance  issues such as we have, such as we’ve done. Such as the bleachers and the heating system at the Elementary school. 

The School Committee adjourned into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter. When they returned to regular session they announced that they would be hiring Patty Look as a long term substitute in Kindergarten, after which the committee adjourned. 

The next School Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 19 at 6pm at the Calais Middle/School Library.