Art Exhibit at the Holmestead to Feature Mary Livingstone’s Paintings

By Lura Jackson

During the week of the Homecoming Festival, several paintings by Mary Livingstone will be on display at no charge at the Holmestead on Main Street in Calais. The exhibit will feature approximately twenty paintings by the well-known Red Beach artist, who was widely commended for her exceptional ability to recreate the beauty of the northern New England landscape in watercolors, oils, and pastels. 

Born in Algeria, Mary grew up in Massachusetts where she would later attend the Massachusetts School of Art. While there, she developed an interest in painting natural scenery, and that interest later bloomed into a passion when she and her husband (Brand) moved into the Stone House in Red Beach. The coastline was a frequent source of inspiration for her, and she dedicated many days to capturing the unique blend of ruggedness and serenity that defines this area. She received several awards for her paintings, particularly her miniature ones (which were widely coveted for dollhouses). Mary was staunchly committed to the community, acting as a founding member of the Eastport Art Gallery and working with her husband to reinvigorate the St. Croix Historical Society (including the restoration of the Holmes cottage). She passed away in 2006.

The paintings will be shown initially during the Victorian Tea and Treasures event held at the Holmestead on August 5th from 11:00-2:00. This event invites participants to join in on a period-appropriate recreation of a tea party held during Victorian times, complete with desserts made from traditional 19th-century recipes. The Tea and Treasures event has a cost of $10 for each participant with the funds that are raised used for upkeep and repairs of the Holmes cottage.

The exhibit will be open at no charge immediately after the event until 4 pm, and from 1-4pm on Wednesday and Thursday. The Holmestead is located at 527 Main Street.