Town News

Arline Flood


This has been quite a weekend with howling winds driving rain in torrential gusts against the house. We drove into town when it let up a bit and the roads were afloat with water and debris. I had put many of my potted plants inside the garage for safety but some of the windows were left open so quite a bit of water got in there also. 

The burial for Carroll Flood had to be postponed until next Sunday because of the storm and the power outages. Our power in Cooper went out for 36 hours! With all that rain many basements flooded. This storm was quite a boost for the local restaurants with the power outages. I heard that King China was backed up an hour on orders. Like many we went out for our early morning coffee and breakfast yesterday. 

Rolfe and Janice came out bringing some delicious cake and iced team and helped to pass a long afternoon otherwise.

Tony and Sam and Emma went back home late on the 3rd before the storm struck again. Emma is quite a little fisherman at 2 years of age. She caught a pickerill off the dock and than later on a couple more small ones. She’s getting to talk up a storm also. She loves playing in the sand with her Dad.

On the 4th P.J. and Karen Maria joined the group at the cottage for a few days and rode out the storm before retreating to the Calais house for power. We played it safe and outside of going to the excellent Pembroke Parade stayed close to home.

We missed church on Sunday because of the local power outage even though Meddybemps went back online on Saturday. Bible study will be held later in the month as Sandy was also absent.

Must sympathy to the family of Robbie Redding who passed away afer a long illness.

Also to the family of Jeff Gagner who passed away suddenly. We all loved his music and his happy smile. I met him many years ago when we both served on Jury Duty. Later I heard him sing and fell in love with his talent.

There will be a town meeting in Cooper on Monday, July 14th at 6:30 p.m. I hear that the Community Center members are serving wonderful refreshments. There was a productive Selectboard Meeting held July 3 without fireworks. (Inside Joke).

Cathance Grange will meet on Wednesday, July 9 at 7:00 p.m. Please join us.