Town News

Sharon Frost


June 21st summer begins. The hum of bees is the voice in the garden.

New moon is the 27th.

A Victorian Tea and Tour is being planned at the Homestead on August 5th.  Tickets will go on sale mid July.

I’ve been seeing animals in vehicles with no windows opened. Please leave your animals at home with fresh water. I’m sure thy don’t want to ride in the heat all day like some do.

I was reading where Vermont is raising minimum wage to $10.50 per hour in their wage steps.

The Ross Memorial Museum in St. Andrews opened on June 2nd from 9 am to 3:30 pm (U.S. time) Until October 11th.

The first Charlotte supper we’ve all been waiting for will be held on Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30 pm.

A wonderful concert at Second Baptist Church on Thursday evening with Lumber River.

Sorry to hear Beulah Steadman has been in Bangor and is now in Machias at a nursing home. Prayers are with her as she continues to heal.

Seniority will meet for their monthly breakfast at the Wickachee on Wednesday, June 25th at 7 am

Here are some neat hymns for Senior Citizens. “Precious Lord, Take My Hand and Help Me Up” and “It is Well with my soul but my knees hurt.”

St. Anne’s Quilt is almost ready and is called “Corner Candy Shoppe” will be selling tickets at the Festival as well as other functions.

Prayers for Alice Jean Robinson. She was always very involved with the quilt ticket sales ad also Apple Fest.

Birthday wishes: Alan Dwelley, Camille Howard, Mary Hazelwood, Pam Ivey, Sherri Reynolds, Laurie Howard and John Ramsey, Sarah Cook, Toni Nelson, Fergie Calder, Shelly Cookson, Hollye Lord, John Wentworth, Pastor Chet, Ilene O’Hara, Barry Burns, Duncan McGeachey, Sue Crawford, 

Ritchie and Ruthie Clark are getting slowly moved to Calais from Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Chris and Fran Mulcahy celebrated their 48th anniversary last week.

Three birthdays, Barry Burns, Sue Crawford and Duncan McGeachey were celebrated on Sunday at the Wickachee. Duncan’s daughter Janet was born 59 years ago on Father’s Day. A Boston Cream pie was made by Janet and strawberry short cakes by Joni after breakfast was served. A great turnout and hopefully no one left hungry.

Jean Stevens and daughter Lisa have returned home from a visit to Cape Cod. They spent a couple of nights with Jean’s sister and her daughter was up from South Carolina. So a wonderful time was had. They visited several areas of the Cape. They came home tired.

Pizza Delight in St. Stephen celebrated their 30th anniversary. They are open seven days a week. Best Caesar Salad I have ever eaten. May they continue for many more years serving the people.