Elizabeth Mitchell

The Town of Princeton has begun its Public Library addition and improvements project. Ground was broken on May 12, 2014 in preparation for the foundation and slab. The present library was established by the Princeton Women’s Club in 1944. The building had been a small engine/chainsaw repair shop on West street. When that shop closed the building was moved close to the Princeton Cemetery and was used as a youth recreation center until upkeep became a problem. Through the generosity of the Princeton Women’s Club members and other donors, the collections have outgrown their space. Computers and other technology have also made claims to space so it was felt that grant money could be a possible source of revenue for a library addition.

 Co-authored by Jim Davies, Chairman of the Board of Selectman and Elizabeth Mitchell, Librarian, a grant of $50,000 was awarded through the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. With this money, a 14 X 16 addition to the existing library will be built, as well as, make the current restroom handicap compliant.

 A small committee was organized to plan the addition in more detail. The members are: Library volunteers and supporters: Vona Bailey, Denise Hill, Sandra Smith and Mary Sossong along with Selectmen Jim Davies and Doreen Wallace, Town Treasurer-David Herrick, and Librarian-Elizabeth Mitchell. Mr. Herrick drew the plans. He and Selectman Davies have made the calls about permits, groundwork, and building materials. Ed Hanson and Sons offered the materials for the ground work  at a reasonable rate and volunteered the labor to do it. Princeton Variety has stepped forward to assist with building materials.

After the slab work is finished, phase two of the addition will be started.

 Phase two will be the framing. The Princeton Selectmen are asking local skilled building contractors who are willing to donate some time to the project to call the librarian, Elizabeth Mitchell,at the library any time at : 796-5333 to volunteer. Or come to the library during open hours: Mon. and Tues. 10-2; Wed., Thurs., and Fri. 12-4. The volunteers needed  for the construction are: Framers,

Insulaters, Sheet Rockers, Experienced siding installers,Roofers, Flooring specialists, Electricians and Plumbers. The committee is still in the planning stages of launching some fundraisers to make improvements to the existing library. A local quilter has  already volunteered to make a quilt for a fundraiser raffle.

There is quite a bit going on in Princeton, especially in the summer. With the busier season just beginning, I’ve volunteered to be the Calais Advertiser correspondent for Princeton to keep Princeton’s news in the ‘limelight’. Please call the library at 796-5333 and leave a message about news for the paper, e-mail the news to the library : princetonlibrary, or bring it in to me.

Librarian-Elizabeth Mitchell