Linda Baniszeski

Everyone seems to be enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having over the last week.  

Happy Birthday wishes to Ed Arbo on May 13, who I believe is celebrating his 93rd birthday this year.  Way to go, Ed!  Also enjoying birthdays this week are Debbie Demmons - 15,  Brenda Ward Shope - 17, and Helon Turmel - 18.  

Meddybemps Historical Society issued a Special Edition of the “Meddybempster,” titled “Meddybemps’ Great Loss” dedicated to the late and legendary Ed Ketchen.  It features his obituary and extraordinary tributes by Ray Gibouleay of Old Town, neighbors Pete and Liz Trouant, Jeff Orchard and Linda Gordon.  This special edition also includes many wonderful photographs, some of Ed’s and others’ poems and prose, and some personal reflections Ed shared over the years as one of Meddybemps most memorable and dedicated residents. Society Members received this issue as part of their membership.  Anyone wishing to join the society and receive periodic newsletters, please contact Linda Gordon. 

More seasonal residents are back on the lake.  Harold Hansen is in town for a week or so to open up the Hansen camp for the season.  Warren and Lori Leary were also back at their camp for about a week.  Docks are going in along the shoreline, and boats are out on the lake again.  It is just great to see things looking more like the summer season. 

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