CHS Business Education

In Greek mythology a Phoenix is a bird that obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. This symbolism is particularly meaningful to Calais High School Business Education teacher Sandie Sawyer and her students. Due to shrinking local budgets and reduced government revenue sharing, it looked like the program would be cut or reduced to half-time. Instead, like the Phoenix, the program will not only survive, it will expand and open its doors to Woodland and Eastport high school students as well as Calais.  Next year’s Business Education program will fall under the wing of St. Croix Regional Technical Center (SCRTC), Calais’s other high school. Program costs at SCRTC are reimbursed by the state which reduces the financial burden on the City of Calais, and at the same time makes the program available for Woodland and Shead high school students. Shead High School in Eastport and Woodland High School in Baileyville currently have no Business Education programs. Sandie Sawyer, the long-time teacher of the Business Program at CHS, is “excited about the opportunity to open her enrollment to more students. This program provides much needed skills for a variety of occupations.” Bob Moholland, Director of SCRTC, believes, “business courses add new dimensions to learning through hands-on experiences. Most students learn better this way. Business courses relate academic subjects to the real world and show how reading and math can be applied in everyday situations. Self-confidence, self-awareness, good work habits, problem solving, critical thinking, punctuality, reliability, teamwork, and leadership are learned in business classes. Every organization, whether it’s the Red Cross, a local library, a museum, hospital, or church, operates like a business. They must develop and monitor budgets, access the financial implications of various actions, plan for the future, and organize the resources necessary to implement those plans.”  Calais City Mayor Marianne Moore says, “Moving the Business Education program to the St. Croix Regional Technical Center is a great opportunity, not only financially, but also for the community. This will open up the curriculum to all of the surrounding schools. As a business owner, I know how important it is to provide our children with a business education that will help them with future career opportunities.”