Down East EMS Report

During the record cold of March Down East EMS ran 195 calls with a majority being emergency calls.  The busiest day of the week was Monday.

Down East EMS paramedics can now administer norepinephrine in situations such as post cardiac arrest care and bradycardia (slow heart) rate.  They can also provide a drip of epinephrine to those in severe anaphylactic shock.  To do so we have received automated medication pumps so we can properly calibrate doses for these powerful medications.  

As the weather eventually warms up we will all want to get out on the many waterways of Maine.  When doing so it is an excellent idea to wear a Personal Flotation Device.  80% of folks who die from drowning while boating weren’t wearing life jackets!  Wearing a PFD is the most important way to increase on water safety, and potentially avoid meeting us.

About Down East EMS: Downeast EMS is a professional Emergency Medical Services company with four bases located across Washington County, Maine. From our bases in Baileyville, Eastport, Lubec and Machiasport we cover a large area of Washington County. In addition to emergency response, we provide facility to facility transfer service. We are also available to attend community events.