Arline Flood


TOPS 256 met on Tuesday night with a small attendance. Jeff Townsend was the weekly basket winner, Tammi Seeley the raffle and Marcia the free week. The “Move  and Improve” information was passed out. So far we have eight members starting the exercise program. It’s a 12 week program with a needed eight week completion. Everyone’s name goes into a prize drawing. Britteny Seavey brings her now eight month old baby girl, Ellah. She is a beautiful child along with being especially smart. This little tyke feeds herself by hand, of course. She refuses her bottled food and jabbers for whatever her mother is quick to grab it and pop it into her mouth.

On Monday, Phil Flood drove his dad Ralph for a medical appointment at the Togus Veteran’s Hospital in Augusta. The weather was great for a change but the roads are a little rough.

Congratulations are in order for Fred Becker who has moved to the Philippines for three years. He mailed a picture of a pretty, petite bride who he recently married. I’m sure his many friends will wish him well starting over at the age of 70.

The Cathance Grange/Cooper Community enter Committee has announced that they will be providing refreshments for the annual Cooper town meeting. They also have plans to raffle off a spring basket. Anyone wishing to contribute to the basket, they would like anything in the line of food and Easter decorations to round it out, like the one that the Grange had last year. The meeting will be held at the hall on Monday, March 3st at 7 pm. The recreation committee is planning some fun times as well as fund raisers to help with insulation for the Hall so meetings can be held in the colder months. Also they would like to help the Fire Department.

Marcia Wheelock and Sandy Lyon drove to Durham on Wednesday night to stay overnight with Tony and Sam Wheelock for an early morning ride to the train into Boston. Sandy had appointments at the Brigham Woman’s Hospital where she was a patient a month ago. The infection on her brain has started to heal and with rehab. she will eventually be back to normal. It all takes time. They returned home on Friday with the good news that she wouldn’t need to go back for three months as long as she continues at the rate she has so far.

Sandy as received an overwhelming amount of support from her family, friends and her school. How can we ever thank the ITS for all they have done to help her financial. Even with good insurance there are many bills to pay and it helps so much.

Saturday there was a birthday party for Caleb Townsend at his home on Pool St. There as a lot of little friends to join in play and help open presents. Also relatives were there to enjoy pizza and watch the fun. Vanessa made and decorated  a fire department cake. It was amazing. As Caleb is a voluntary Junior Fire Fighter the theme of the party was about the fire department. Caleb has his own outfit complete with a helmet. We rushed home during a fierce snow squall. Later there was a break but the roads had to be sanded once again as it kept snowing off and on.

A group enjoyed scrap booking at the Meddybemps Community Center on Saturday with a hot soup dinner with the fixin’s. I’m sorry to miss out on the fun but the snow scared me off.

There was a coffee held after church on Sunday at the Meddybemps Christian Church. I missed the service on the 16th because of a head cold and also missed sending in any news, sorry. Next Sunday Pastor Jeremy Townes will hold the service. He has a great voice in the songs that we sing. Believe it is really  needed.

We are drowning in sunshine this morning, which is really needed. On the 20th at 12:57 the tilt of the earth relative to the sun was zero. This marks the change in seasons. On the first day of spring, day and night are the same length. Equinox is from the Latin words meaning “equal night.” Everyone must know that the first full moon after the spring Equinox decides when Easter is. It’s the first Sunday after the full moon. Congratulations to Delyne Hold out great-granddaughter who came in third place in the high school category, the Downeast Salmon Federations of the Rivers and Streams (fishing) theme Washington County Annual Student Art Contest. This year there was 265 entries from local kindergarten through grade 12 students. The artists will be asked to present their art work and receive their awards at DSF’s annual Smelt Fry on Friday, April 18 in Columbia Falls.

The winning artwork will be on display at the East Machias Aquatic Research Center over the summer.

On Sunday there was a birthday party for Matthew Haddock at his home in Cooper. Will, Justin, Louise and I were together for the first time in a while. Marcia and Paul were out from Calais and as usual the girls have a good time as do we all. Deny doesn’t have birthdays but his hair is getting grayer somehow. Happy birthday to both of them. Thanks to the great care, cooking, etc. from Denny, Sandy has done so well on her long road to recovery.

Another birthday part in the family was held in Eddington on Sunday, March 16th at the home of Marit Wheelock, daughter of Paul and Karen Maria Wheelock. All her aunts and uncles and families along with many grandparents were there to help her usher in 11 big years.

Much sympathy to the family of Anne Bass. We got to know her and her family through our scrap booking over the years until they moved away to be in an area where her sweet granddaughter Marisa McCray could get more help after her injury. We really missed them after they moved as they were with the group all the time.