Arline Flood


When one rides by the Meddybemps Christian Church the new roofing shows up nice and bright. A leak that couldn’t be found or stopped made the members decide that the whole roof needed to be replaced as patching over the years didn’t work. There was twelve members present for the service on Sunday. A prayer calender was finished by the Bible study ladies. Hopefully April will find Sandy able to resume the class. The new coffee date will be on March 23rd right after church with Lisa, Jane and Arline volunteering to help with refreshments. It was reported that Maxine Arbo had needed medical attention and that Ted Ackley was in the hospital. They were added to the church prayer list which was read by Louise Lee.

Rolfe and Janice Flood were visitors at our house on Sunday afternoon. She has resumed driving the car since her December surgery.

Ann Marie Flood has been to Bangor to visit her brother Chris McClure at the hospital and to help her stepmother Wanda McClure to move back to the area. Sometimes there is no place like home.

As far as we know, there will be a District meeting for the American Legion at the Cherryfield Post on Sunday in April the date to be determined. As soon as I know I will let the Units know the date. The time is always 2 pm. with a lunch following the meeting. Much thanks to the members of Calais who have recently paid their 2014 dues. We still need 18 more for 100%. Sorry about the cards that were mailed late and I’ve got a plan to get them right away. It’s been hard to hold a meeting because of other commitments. Last month some members weren’t notified that the meeting was cancelled by the Commander and were a little put out. It’s wise to call first.

Reading over the renewal membership letter from the Cathance Lake membership letter I found the opening quite beautiful. Sinclair Lewis once said, “Winter is not a season. It is an occupation.” Winter arrived before Christmas with a heavy mantle of ice and snow. The landscape resembles an almost treeless alpine tundra in some places around the  lake. The many once towering and upright birth trees are bent over and touching the ground. Icicles hang everywhere like stalactites in caves. When the sum emerges from under gray clouds, the sky is gorgeous an ultramarine color. The ice on everything gleams, sparkles, and dazzles in the cold. As I look at the scene I think about the Albert Camus quote, “In the depths of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” So I know those trees will blossom again in the spring and the ice on the lake will melt. It is just a matter of time. Just a reminder there are a few of the recipe books called “Favorite Recipes from the Lake we Love” by the Cathance Lake Association. Information is available from Peggy Hallee, 50 Cathance Lane, Cooper 04657. They make wonderful gifts with a lot of lake history mixed in with great recipes. There is a stunning painting on the cover of a loon and many colored pictures taken around Cathance Lake.

The selectboard meets at 6:30 pm the first Thursday of each month at the Cathance Grange Hall/Cooper Community Center. There may be a meeting the third Thursday “as needed.” This meeting will be posted at the Hall, Fire House and on

The Cathance Grange Hall/Community Center Committee meets at 6:30 the second Monday of the month.

The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department meets at 7 pm the second Tuesday of each month at the fire house. The web site is http//

The annual town meeting will be Monday, March 31 at 7 pm.

TOPS 256 met as usual. Now is a good time to join for a weight loss before the summer months. Jeff won the basket. Arline the raffle and Tammi the free week.

On Wednesday there was a nice write-up about Donald Mortland of Searsport and Unity who passed away on February 27th. He is a first cousin of the George Flood family.