Town News

Sharon Frost


March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day - customary to wear green..

Spring begins on the 20th. The weather will continue to get warmer as the days pass.

The hospital auxiliary met for their monthly meeting with a good attendance. Opened with prayer. Reports were given and approved. March 20th is Donation Day and a 50/50 draw. Tickets are out for homemade fudge drawing on March 28th and also an Easter basket drawing. Mae Berry won the 50/50. An elections board for up to date information for the lobby and an awards showcase was voted to purchase for the hospital. A lovely lunch was served. 

The full worm moon is on March 16th. The slime secreted through an earthworm’s skin helps to hold clusters of saoil particles together,

A fabulous celebration on Saturday evening was held for Vi Gaddis on her 95th birthday with her friends and relatives at the St. Stephen’s bowling alley. Balloons decorated the area. A beautiful table set with such a array of finger foods. Karaoke was enjoyable as Vi danced the evening away with her sweet little tiara she wore in her hair. A huge birthday cake was presented to Vi and we all enjoyed it and it was delicious.

On Sunday morning we greeted Helen Taylor on her birthday coming up with a carrot cake made by the one and only Joni Miller. Our group was small. Some were away, others were not up to par and probably the time change didn’t help matters.

Birthday wishes: Paul Redding, Anne Williams, Judy Thornton, Patty Gagner, Marion Price, Bonnie Sprague, Ian Windrick, Dr. Brazier, Dr. Hayward, Katherine Smutz, Tammy Davis, David Furtek Judy Antoniello, Richard Chaney.

Happy anniversary David  and Ruth Sousa.

I heard there was a celebration at St. Anne’s on Sunday for a lovely lady, Anne Williams, who also turned 95. Best wishes.

Lisa Howard, mother Pat Yardley and her Aunt Judy Spent the weekend in Bangor. visiting Shawn and family. Bet they went shopping- hmmm.

My favorite, Valley Gospel Singers, will hold their concert at Second Baptist Church on Saturday, March 22d at 6:30 pm.