Calais Police Report

It has been a busy week at the Calais Police Department.  

As the result of an incident on 2-7-14 and ensuing investigation, Robin Gardner, 55, of Calais was summoned for furnishing a place for minors to consume.  Mr. Gardner is scheduled to appear in Calais District Court 4-9-14.  Regarding the same incident, Shaele Walter, 20, of Calais was summoned for illegal possession of liquor by a minor.  She is also scheduled to appear in Calais District Court 4-9-14.

2-25-14 Calais PD received a complaint of various items valued at nearly $1000 stolen from the local food pantry.  Investigation has led to the recovery of items taken and charges are pending once the suspect is located.

On 2-26-14, officers were dispatched to a Garfield St. residence for a possible domestic assault situation.  Officers responded and met with an adult female and a juvenile male. The following day, Wade Papke, 37 of Calais was arrested for domestic violence assault and transported to Washington County Jail.   Mr. Papke was further summoned for disorderly conduct stemming from an incident reported 1-23-14.

Calais PD was advised of a motor vehicle potentially being operated by a subject who was under the influence, and officers responded accordingly.  The vehicle and suspect were located on Chapel St.,  after the suspect entered a residence without authorization.  Arrested for operating under the influence was Brendon Lestage, 21, of Calais.  Mr. Lestage was transported to Washington County Jail without incident.

On Friday, 2-28-14 officers received a report of a domestic assault on River Road.  Upon interviewing involved parties and investigation of the scene, officers arrested Robert Lambert, 51, of Calais for domestic violence assault.  Mr. Lambert is scheduled to be arraigned in Calais District Court 4-9-14.

On Saturday, 3-1-14, Calais PD was requested to respond to Shop ‘n Save where a shoplifter was being detained.  Summoned for theft was Jill Hayman, 36 of Calais.  Ms Hayman is also scheduled to appear in Calais District Court 4-9-14.

Calais officers are investigating the report of a robbery at knife-point which occurred on Chapel St.  Saturday evening 3-1-14.   Suspects got away with a few valuable items but no one was injured in the attack.   Officers are also investing a string of motor vehicle burglaries in the Union St. area.  As a way to not become a victim residents are reminded to keep doors and windows locked.