Raye Wins Endorsement Of Key Business Group

Former Maine Senate President Kevin Raye’s campaign for Maine’s open 2nd Congressional District seat has won the coveted endorsement of the Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC), a key indicator of business support for his candidacy.

“BIPAC’s endorsement of Kevin Raye in Maine’s Second District signifies a consensus across a spectrum of business sectors that Kevin is the best candidate for those who want to elect a strong pro-business leader. Not only does polling show that Kevin Raye is best positioned to win but, as a small business owner with a proven record of leadership in the Maine Senate, he is by far the best candidate,” said Bo Harmon, BIPAC’s Vice President for Political Affairs.

“As someone who has helped lead the fight to make Maine more business-friendly, I appreciate BIPAC’s support of my campaign for Congress,” said Raye. “I look forward to taking a Main Street perspective to Washington to support policies that will help strengthen the thousands of small businesses who fuel Maine’s economy and provide jobs for Maine people,” said Raye.

Representing a wide cross-section of American businesses, BIPAC is dedicated to improving the political climate for the business community in order to strengthen America’s economy. They focus on pro-growth tax and regulatory policy, jobs and the workforce, deficit reduction, comprehensive energy independence, reliable infrastructure and a strong agriculture sector.

BIPAC does not lobby, but assists thousands of businesses and their organizations in identifying and electing pro-prosperity candidates for the House and Senate to form majority coalitions for an agenda for growth, innovation, and prosperity. A BIPAC endorsement is widely considered the “candidate endorsement gold standard” for the business community.

Kevin Raye and his wife Karen own and operate Raye’s Mustard Mill in Eastport, a fourth-generation small family business. He served four terms in the Maine Senate, where he was elected first as Senate Republican Leader and then as President of the Senate. Previously, he ran Congresswoman Olympia Snowe’s offices across the 2nd Congressional District and went on to serve as Snowe’s Chief of Staff in the U.S. Senate.