Nepal or Bust

By Susan Gardner

Georgie Kendall of Perry has worked locally with numerous programs devoted to the enrichment of children, women, young students and start up entrepreneurships.  She devoted years to the Peace Corp and also opened the Red Sleigh in Perry several seasons ago, a community gift shop ranked #1 Gift Shop in all of Maine 2013. Proceeds from items in her gift shop go to less fortunate individuals. Georgie has worked at our community college as well as our school systems. SHE is devoted to improving the lives of other.

Georgie had an incredible adventure trekking through Nepal for over a month. She went for the fun but came home with a deep devotion to the children in Nepal and their education. Schools have little to no easily accessible school supplies. English is the demanded language taught and exclusively spoken on school grounds and as generous as Nepal’s cultural hearts may be, they need financial help. Any little bit makes a big difference in the lives of children that may walk to school barefoot daily. A backpack or a lunch box is simply unheard of most of the time and texts or pencils are totally luxury items.  (It was apparent from her arrival the “the entire country has a calming energy even in the largest city Katmandu.”)

When asked why she felt compelled to share the story of the children of Nepal, Georgie responded: 

“ My hope from this story is that educators, local and beyond, partner up with the children of Nepal to share in mutual wealth. What they have to teach is priceless for our young children to grasp and live. “

Georgie encourages anyone who feels moved to help purchase school supplies for the children of Nepal, to contact her at or call 853-6685. 

100% of all donations will go directly to the purchase of school supplies, pens/pencils and paper, for the children of the Bhimasthan Village in the Sindhuli District of Nepal.